Michael Killam; phony POW : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

12/21/2015 by militaryphonies

There are few things in this world more despicable than falsely claiming to be a Prisoner of War.

Claiming to be a POW with two Purple Hearts, Michael Killam spins his tales of military service. He did serve in Vietnam.


He was a helicopter crewman. No shame in that, perfectly honorable thing to have done. Why do people like Killam embellish their service beyond recognition?  We have found that in many cases, some less than stellar act on their part resulting in early termination of service seems to fuel the lie.

One news article stated:

During the first 90 days of his tour in Vietnam, Michael Killam says he felt invincible.

“I had weapons,” he said. “I had power over life and death. I could make people live or I could let them die. I became God-like.”

Killam was only 19 at the time. During his tour, he was captured for three days, hung upside down, and tortured for hours. Eventually, he escaped and returned to duty.

Serving as a ground crewman does give you power of life and death over people.  Mostly those who serve with you.  I guess that makes him God-like, but then again we seem to expect less from our Gods these days.  Of course he is not listed in any official POW database.

He was not a POW and he was never wounded in combat.  He ended his service as a Private of some kind.

Follow this link to thisainthell.us for more on this guy.  You will always find some great discussion and commentary there.

Source: Michael Killam; phony POW : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here


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