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10/05/2015 by militaryphonies


ID_Info: Leeshane Ramos 22 years old as of 2015 Radford university but he lives in Covington Virginia. Former National Guardsmen of Virginia. Now claims to be a Special Forces veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

awards_claimed_online: All of his claims are verbal

awards_claimed: Leeshane came to Radford university this past year claiming to be a former Green Beret with a Purple Heart after being shot in his shoulder (there wasn’t even a scar) He couldn’t even name the capital cities of all the countries he claimed to have served in. He told many war stories which were all in detail but phony at the same time. Like when he saved his squad leader after he was already hit. He even wrote a 12 page paper for his English class about his fake war experiences and received a high grade from that professor. Ever since he has been telling every girl at the university about his war experiences in order to attract attention from females. When we confronted him about it, he wouldn’t admit it was all a lie he kept answering “it’s none of your business” We were recruiting kids for our fraternity, and Leeshane came to us with this story, so we offered him an invitation to our brotherhood. Then later we found out he was lying the entire time.

Updated 02-02-2016 

Radford police search for wanted burglary suspect ;Radford police search for wanted burglary suspect



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US Army, US Army National Guard

Total Time Served ; Three years, Two months, Thirteen days

Active_duty ( Four months )

 No Purple Heart Medal. No Campaign Medals. 

  MOS ; Infantryman ( 11B )


26 thoughts on “LeeShane Ramos , US Army Special Forces, GWOT Combat Wounded, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Mark Seavey says:

    Do we know what Guard Unit he served in specifically?

    • No we don’t Mark.

    • Shopper says:

      Contact the Clifton Forge National Guard. They are the ones I went to when he was being an ass. -shopper

    • Ed Dickenson says:

      This guy would have been in B Co 1-116th 29th ID. They had a detachment in Clifton Forge. I am in no way trying to defend the guy, but the record seems incomplete. The shown discharge is probably his DD214 from Basic Training. He would also have an NBG 22 (National Guard Discharge- equivelant to a DD214) for his discharge from the Guard. It would have more detailed info about his service. I believe the unit did deploy to Iraq during his service time period. Again, not trying to defend the guy. He is an obvious POS, see link http://www.virginiafirst.com/news/local-news/radford-pd-seeks-burglary-suspect . Just saying some info is missing. I live in Radford and would love to come across him though, once he gets out of prison that is….

  2. The Grunt says:

    well according to Google the unit in Clifton Forge VA is part of the VAARNG’s 29th Division Band.

    • bumbleclotz says:

      It’s also Det 1 B Co 1-116th INF…

    • Chris Giles says:

      I served in the unit at Clifton Forge from 91 – 95 before transferring to the 246th FA in Danville. I retired in ’12. At that time I believe Clifton Forge was Det. 1 A.

    • James Riddle says:

      The 29th ID Band is at that Armory but so is a detachment of an Infantry Co. Though that doesn’t mean he was in that det/Co. Looks like he did BCT at Benning so most likely 11B or C.

  3. Jarett says:

    I went to basic with this pussy not much has changed. Thanks for sharing now me and some buddies are going over memories about the little shit and how he was constantly fucking us over.

    • averyw92 says:

      Tell me more… I know him personally…

      • Angela says:

        Whatever this page is fake and I have the text messages to prove it the a****** who made this page. Mad because my son f***** his woman maybe he should get mad at his woman for f****** my son but it’s all going to come out in court and this will be dismissed off of the internet and everybody that has post on it will be paying my son for their ignorance… it is very sad that all these grounds f****** people have nothing better to do but sit on the internet makeup b******* about others because their life sucks!!!

      • SUCK says:

        So, if you know this guy can you tell us when exactly he went on these deployments? Our unit didn’t go those places and he was being a total shit bag at drill during those imaginary deployments. Seems like you would have noticed he was gone “mom.” Anyway, Ramos was up in NY and came back down to Roanoke to turn himself in. I have handcuff pics but how do I post pics? I also have more evidence like his discharge papers.

  4. Shopper says:

    This fella and myself had a run in a few years ago. He was at a store I frequent trying to buy beer….and he was underage. He tried using his military license to purchase alcohol and when the cashier wouldn’t sell to him, he was very rude and cursed the cashier out. He then put the Guard and the Military down by using them as a “reason” why he disliked the US. Needless to say, he was reported to his Senior Officer and was reprimanded for it. Obviously it’s done no good because he is still doing minuscule stuff. Ahhh….

  5. Dillon says:

    He was in my unit this guy was a total piece of crap probably one of the worst soldiers I’ve ever had the displeasure to serve with. He “hurt his knee” he then proceeded to ride that horse all the way off post to a medical facility that couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Then as soon as it was time to do an air assault mission he was off crutches begging to go “ride on da Blackhawk”

  6. Dakota F says:

    I remember this guy from high school, always runnin his mouth and getting his a** whooped in fights. Cant believe he would go as far as to digrace this nations armed services.

    • Angela says:

      Wow you must have gotten your ass handed to you by someone in high school bc he never got his ass kicked… I know I’m his mom…lol..wow..stupid

  7. Cathexis says:

    Still a private after 3 years. Nice…..

  8. MSG DB says:

    There is a detachment of B Co, 1-116 INF in Clifton Forge. (Basically one platoon). Don’t know this kid, but I imagine that a few of our 11B brethren in the area do.

  9. SUCK says:

    Ramos, My Hero!

    I served with this guy and he was even in my platoon after 3rd PLT tried to rid themselves of him. Why you idiots can’t figure out that B Co Det 1 and the Band share an armory is beyond me, and not at the same time mind you! I have never seen someone need crutches for a hurt knee for 4 months like this Buck Ramos guy! Isn’t he the guy that tried to “call in” during AT because he was on a family vacation in Az or Tx. Who does that! Lol, he showed up the last day of AT with a spray on tan, what a f**king towel! This kid went AWOL from drill more times than I can remember. How hard is it to show up one weekend a month? Needless to say, he was never able to participate in training because he was always faking an injury. I don’t remember how his PT was but I’m sure it was terrible and no, he never did deploy with anyone! We used to make fun of this kid all the time because we knew exactly where he was when he wasn’t at drill thanks to that idiot posting his whereabouts on Facebook. If we ever see this guy again don’t bother calling the police, they are on our side! Buck Ramos, Hope you feel safe in prison 🙂 DOOM

  10. bluetick says:

    He didn’t go anywhere yes the b co det is in Clifton forge I was in the det with him worst person ever a cry baby. Never went anywhere but fort Pickett va. He was always in trouble didn’t do anything right. He never made any rank when he did he lost it. So yeah he’s lying through his teeth.

  11. Malik C says:

    I used to work with this guy. My manager and I used to just laugh at his bullshit stories. It amazed me the lengths he would go with the stories when he lied to customers. Its sad because I wear the uniform with honor and pride and people like him disgrace it

  12. poncho says:

    I was in that unit with him, my last memory of him was him bitching about having to mop the floors. I proceeded to explain that having no additional schools outside of infantry OSUT, no deployments, nothing outside of standard drills, and having just failed his pt test was why; and to quit his bitching. He was a douchebag then, from day one, and looks like he somehow managed to top that after he left.

  13. jay says:

    Per WSLS & Radford P.D., currently wanted on multiple felony counts for multiple B&E near R.U. campus.

  14. […] in October, the folks at Military Phonies sent us their work on this LeeShane Ramos. For whatever reason, I didn’t post him – […]

  15. Anonymity says:

    Damn, I grew up with this guy. Lived down the street from him. His parents are some of the coolest most loving people you could meet. He was a pos back then and still is it seems. Some people never change I guess. He’s the reason why I joined. Telling me his little story about being Airborne and getting deployed to Egypt and such. What an asshole..

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