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A well known fact within the Stolen Valor community of hunters and exposures is that  Stolen Valor is normally just the cherry on top of the s**t Sundae.

 Sue Schippert’s scheme behind her stolen valor claims are very bizarre. She displays the image and attitude of a Veteran. And has claimed to have served within the US Army in combat.

Her scheme is to prey upon terminally ill Veterans. Or Veterans who have a family member that have a terminal illness.

She will claim that she is settling on a multi million dollar lawsuit. And wants to help the Veteran. Some days she will claim it’s an out of court settlement. Other days she will claim that the lawsuit isn’t settled yet. Either way, there is no court docket number with her name on it.


Facebook Account ;

UpDate ; A photo was just discovered in he facebook albums where she is claiming that she is in. It is actually a photo of the 19th Special Forces Group doing training exercise’s in Utah   



She used this tactic with our own CEO. When he started doubting her. An investigation was conducted. That was when it was discovered that not only was her lawsuit claim false. But that she was also never licensed as a Private Investigator in the state of Colorado. We then filed for her FOIA under the SSN’s that we found on her. Both results showed that she never served. Also the DOD does not have a record of her serving.

She will use this scheme in order to get within the inner realms of different Veteran groups.     



45, claiming army 37 claiming military


Source ;

Her excuse for the arrest. And claim of being a ” Super Vet “


A photo from her class book on


She has over a half dozen different names that she has used as well as a couple different SSN’s Her brags are that we would never find her in the system. But we did. Very easily actually.

Two FOIA’s show that she never served.

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But we had already suspected that she never served. Especially after She made a lengthy post about having a injured back since childhood.

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There is plenty more that we could post about her schemes. But our main focus is to show that she lied about serving in the Army. And to put a BOLO out about her schemes. 

Here are a couple different blogs that people have made concerning her military claims and schemes.


Source ;

25Source ; 


4 thoughts on “Sue Schippert aka Suellyn Crowe aka Suellyn Cherney , US Army POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Thomas Marlo says:

    Can you believe it? even today 8-29-2015, (She), Suellyn R. Crowe Schippert leads people on by saying she’s a veteran and a officer. When will this BS stop? Currently she has people who believe she’ll actually will give them MONEY from some lawsuit. The reason for my comment is, She’s made it her mission ( like she knows what a mission is) to assassinate my character and then,( like no surprise) resort to name calling.

    • Craig says:

      Bitch tried that Shit with me because I started asking questions and wouldn’t dog a person and side with her. She is a pos bully and gets very aggressive when you smell the Bullshit she spews. Fuck her hope the Cunt Bitch Rots.

  2. Chris says:

    I told you this on your page, and you deleted it and blocked me, so I’ll tell you here. You are the lowest piece of dog shit I have ever seen. You promised people millions of dollars, folks with health issues as well as money problems with some bullshit multi-million dollar top secret settlement. Again I wish I had known about it because I would have set everyone straight. You said your lawyer was working it without you and you didn’t have to do anything, or sign anything, or agree to any amount, THAT is bullshit flag no.1. Your lawyer works for YOU Dumbass, so ALL decisions go through you in a settlement. Second you said the courts were not involved, bullshit no.2, every settlement legally has to have a case number. Third you told folks you were waiting on the taxes to come out of the settlement, major bullshit on that one. YOU DON”T PAY TAXES ON A SETTLEMENT you stupid bitch! Finally you want to claim to be part of MY Army, you had best stop drinking all that stupid water, you were never apart of ANY branch of service, hell you were never even a P.I. Now why don’t you message me and threaten with your lawyer, cause I unlike you DO have a attorney on retainer, and guess what, time for the magic words you low life bitch,,,,,,All of this is “IN MY OPINION”

  3. […] reason why that happened. For some reason, she presented herself as an Army veteran to the folk at Military Phonies who, in turn, let her do some research for them. She made some promises that became suspect after a […]

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