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Local veteran supports Marine involved in Fallujah shooting
WTNH – New Haven ^ | November 17, 2004 | Michael Herzenberg
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(West Haven-WTNH, Nov. 17, 2004 11:00 PM) _ The military is investigating this past weekend’s shooting inside a Fallujah mosque in which a Marine shot an injured insurgent.
A local veteran who fought in the Gulf War says shooting an already wounded enemy is not that uncommon.
In fact in some cases he says it’s all part of the training.
According this West Haven veteran there’s even a name for shooting a wounded person. It’s called “double tapping” and it’s done just in case the person has a gun or the body is boobie trapped.
“I’ve seen my friends blown up right in front of my face. I’ve done some pretty horrific things and your conscience just comes back,” says Major Jason Muldoon, US Army Retired.
This is Major Jason Muldoon. The Army Special Forces veteran fought in Panama, the first Gulf War, Somalia and Afghanistan.
In Afghanistan a rocket propelled grenade took out the Black Hawk helicopter he was in, leaving schrapnel in his leg.
Three years later he’s still using a wheel chair.
He won the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart but doesn’t want to be called a hero.
“I don’t view myself as a hero. I hate the word hero.”
He agreed to talk to us because of this video of a Marine shooting an apparently unarmed injured man in a Fallujah mosque.
“It kind of aggravates me. You’re going to get the whole country upset about an incident when nobody really knows what happened until the unit can do their own investigation.”
Major Muldoon says despite what the video looks like and sounds like the Marine was likely scared for his life, relying on his training.
“We were taught kill, kill, kill, kill and you know they really didn’t spend too much time on Geneva Convention.”
Muldoon says yes the Marine should have checked and treated the wounded but in a war zone a combatant’s first priority is not civilized behavior- it’s survival.
“Life has a flavor the protected will never know and its so true the protected will never know what it’s like to have to be over there and be in that kids situation.”
Major Muldoon says given what the Marine had been through he may have shot the man too.
He says it’s up to the officer in charge to stop those sweeping a room from shooting but there’s an inherent problem with that, the officer in charge isn’t normally inside until after the room is clean.Read More


Jason Muldoon is a fella living in Myrtle beach SC. He is formally from the northeast, Connecticut or New Hampshire, possibly both.
For some time he has been telling people here in Myrtle he is a “prospect” for the Hells Angels (he is not, they want nothing to do with him) And a Special Forces Green Beret and Major in the US Army.
At the drop of a hat he whips out a military ID card that does say “0-4” on it, it is him, BUT, it is  “90’s style” Id card in a tan color… I am remembering it being a dependent ID card…
He shows EVERYONE that ID in seconds of meeting them, and points out the 0-4/major rank
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PMOS was 11B Infantryman. 

His Unit deployed to Operation Desert Storm. And played a major role in the invasion. But Mr Muldoon does not have a CIB on his awards and decorations. He doesn’t have a PH or BSM  either. 


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4 thoughts on “Jason Muldoon, Poser, Embellishing Embarrassment, Blog of Shame

  1. SayWhaaat says:

    Double-tap? I thought that was the term for a head and chest shot to ensure death. Muldoon gives it an entirely new meaning with shooting a prisoner of war. The needle on the BS meter just went into the red.

  2. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this doofus, Jason Muldoon who parades around Myrtle Beach with a military ID […]

  3. Clifton B. Sommer says:

    This guy certainly seems like a poseur. One point though: tan ID cards are also issued to 100%permanently disabled veterans. I have one myself.

  4. Lala says:

    Yes he is in berwick pa doing the same thing

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