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Robert Earl Wilson Jr. has claimed of serving in the United States Marine Corps, retiring as a Master Sergeant (E-8) after a 22-year career. He is a Small Unit Tactical Training instructor in Georgia who often makes training videos.
Wilson often displays the following photo as testament to his younger days as a Marine.971619_198571116963396_1658990868_n
Wilson claims to have been a 0321 Recon Marine as well as a 8541 Scout Sniper, as evidenced by the tattoo he proudly displays.7
“SNIPER – EGA – BEIRUT” tattoo visible in one of Wilson’s instructional videos...
Wilson claimed that he trained with British SAS in 1981.  The assumption is that it’s him in the photo by nature of the caption that accompanies the post.5-a
Wilson claims he was attached with Fox 2/8 while in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982, and with 22nd MAU while in Grenada.10888529_10204780854634920_5024261065456620756_n
4-aWilson says he was wounded in Grenada so missed the second trip into Beirut, since the rest of 22nd MAU went ahead.4-b
Served from 1979-2001 and participated in Operation Desert Storm with 1st Battalion / 9th Marines. ( Read more )


20Facebook account ( read more )

 Four (4) Freedom of Information Act requests were filed on Wilson. Upon return of the first one, it seemed quite unbelievable that they could not locate any record on Wilson. After all, he seemed to walk the walk and talk the talk. He even had a convincing photo of someone that appears to be him in his younger days. The second FOIA request came back from the USMC saying they have no record of him.


There was an additional FOIA for any Army service that also could not find any records on Wilson. We are still waiting for US Navy FOIA results as he may have been a SeaBee or Corpsman, but already his claim of being in the USMC is why you are reading about him here and now. Wilson’s official records do not support such a claim, let alone Recon, Scout Sniper, Beirut, Grenada and being wounded.


But there are records of him. Dekalb County Georgia has record of him:
Wouldn’t having a weapon while training others be in violation of something?
Then there is this....
13Arrest record ( Read more )
Wilson was vetted before on SOCNET:
Robert Earl Wilson Jr. was not listed the STA 2/8 rosters, even as cross assigned to Fox Company 2/8. He was also not on a list of Grenada casualties.
Wilson was called out by a Beirut veteran:
In the famous words used on Wheel of Fortune: “I don’t need to buy a vowel, I’d like to solve the puzzle now.”
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6 thoughts on “Robert E. Wilson Jr. , US Marine Retired MSgt, Grenada, Beirut, Operation Desert Storm, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Mike P says:

    Always got to be RECON. Always got to be a sniper. Never claim to be a POG/POUGE. Right.

  2. […] Scotty sends us this fellow by the name of Robert E Wilson, Jr. who was a pretty convincing veteran of the Beirut bombing of October 23, 1983. […]

  3. leebenzosr says:

    Looks like he can “talk the talk” but…. never “walked the walk”.

  4. Ha, Please tell me more about being in Desert Storm with 1/9,,, I was in the BLT as part of the Arty Battery, we didn’t even get to the gulf until June/July of 91!!. Still we were considered part of DS, but you were stretching it… Funny you didnt mention being part of Fiery Vigil. Also what Infantry SNCO doesnt mention 0369 asa on of his MOS’s?

  5. KillerB says:

    Another wannabe. Turd needs flushing.

  6. Paul Yott says:

    I do not know why these Posers want to use Recon, or any other Special Operation Forces who served in any Combat or Hazardous Areas. If they served, why don’t they tell the truth about the MOS they had instead of lying about it.

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