Waverly Reynar, Phony Vietnam Vet, Phony Marine in Canada


05/09/2015 by militaryphonies

Updated: 5/10/15 – Includes leducrep.com newsarticle – QM3

Freedom of Information Act Request Response:

Freedom of Information Act Request for Waverly Reynar


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This Ain't Hell

Waverly Reynar; a phony Vietnam veteran, phony Marine in Canada http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=59684

Facebook Profile:

Facebook Profile

Waverly Reynar Facebook Profile https://www.facebook.com/wave.reynar?fref=nf

Facebook Conversation 5/8/15:

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23 thoughts on “Waverly Reynar, Phony Vietnam Vet, Phony Marine in Canada

  1. Wayne Kulick says:

    This guy is so effed up I don’t even know where to start. Dolphins? My message to him on that:

    “Hey poser. What caught my eye besides HQMC saying they have no record of you AND your Silver Star appearing and disappearing in your pictures, are your bullshit dolphins.

    Wearing dolphins. Pisses me off. Right there proves you are a poser. I am qualified in submarines, two of them. I have my letter stating that. While a few (very few) marines have operated off submarines for assaults, they are not ships company and do not qualify on submarines. You did your submarine training in New London, CT? Bullshit. You obviously googled that wrong since it’s Sub Base Groton and Marines did not go through submarine school.

    And pension check on the 3rd of the month? Bullshit. I get mine on the FIRST of the month like everyone else does.

    Of course, you could easily clear all this up by producing your DD-214. Just like mine.”

    Also, he’s wearing ribbons for the same medals he has on. ANYONE who has been in the service knows that’s a no-no.

    • Edward Burdick says:

      After Vietnam, Wave “Frenchy” Reynar qualified submarines while serving on the USS Blenny in 1968. He has been vouched for by his shipmate Senior Chief Bill Brown.

  2. Buddy Hall says:

    This fuck stick is wearing Dolphins and is not qualified in submarines. This FS needs to be informed that we do not condone not accept him as anmeber of the United States Submatine Force. Must be a fucking Canadian Poser.

  3. Brandon Johnson says:

    I am Marine Cpl Retired Brandon Johnson, this shit you have posted about Wave has to stop. When I was wounded and was lost, him and one of the organization’s he serves with gave me a helping hand by giving 20 wounded soldiers and Marines and their spouses a welcome home in Huntsville, Alabama. We have an organization here made up of members from every service. At the time we were headed up by LtGen Frank Libbouti (can’t remember the spelling on his last name.) He helped start Homeland Security in New York City and has his own Wikipedia page. We also have more officers than I can remember the names of, but the point is we all vouch for Wave. We have heard his stories and seen his pictures/paper work. Why isn’t that enough for you? You have to come on here and slander a good man’s name, one who does a lot for returning vets, and all you do is find people you think have stolen valor? How about helping vets instead of trying to tear them down? I’m surprised Wave and the rest of them give you time of day, and that you haven’t been succesfully sued yet. Why did the law suits fail? Because you were right or it didn’t amount to monetary damages? How many times have you been proven wrong? How many times have you been right? How much of that effort could have been used to keep one of us from committing suicide or from going off the deep end? Instead you spend your time bullying and old man who has nothing to prove to you. I know Wave is a Marine, I don’t know if you are one… Maybe I should create a page about you since your case is about as solid as MRE shit. Your Freedom of information act was most likely kicked back because you lack the most basic information about him let alone his social. Once you are proved wrong, it is not enough to just appologize, you will be dragged through another law suit… I guarantee it. Go ahead and get your lawyer working on it, cause Wave is just one of many Marines you have been pissing off the last few days. A good bit are high ranks in high places… Or maybe it will just take a few enlisted men to set the record straight.

    • Wesley Wislon says:

      Brandon, I admire the fact that you are defending a friend and mentor. I personally have devoted over a hundred hours of my time into trying to verify Mr.Reynar’s claims. I have spoken to many people and searched thousands of documents. I have verified his name and reconfirmed that the FOIA return is valid.

      I ask that you look at his claims with a critical eye and try to find any real verification.

      What I found is that he was in the Navy as a cook on submarines, He say so himself. He also says that he was on a sub in Gronton Cn at the same time as he says he got shot in the head and was zipped in a body bag.

      Please verify on your own.

      We don’t do this to harass an old man, we do this to protect our history and Real Warriors like yourself. Sometimes its a bitter pill to swallow.

      You have my respect and gratitude for your service to our nation, Please contact me if I can help in any way.



      • Henry Johnson says:

        Please contact me for more information about this whole situation with Wave.

      • Henry says:

        Hello Wesley will you please contact me off line via email so that I may give you more information about this entire debacle. I have a few interesting photos and some information that will lead to the answers of a few of your questions.

  4. Brandon Johnson says:

    Also, I know someone who served with Wave, which blows one of your excuses out of the water. Cpl Joe Bongiovanni, although it could be Joseph at the time. You said Wave never escorted anyone back to the states, what is your proof on this? One of your best arguments for Wave being an imposter is his uniform, which I agree needs to be adjusted to fit Marine Corps standards. However, some allowance must be afforded to Vietnam vets who haven’t served in 20+ years. You mention that his ribbons are duplicate of his medals, but you don’t approach the kilt he wears? If I hadn’t seen all of his information, know the man, and know someone else I know is a Marine that has pictures of them serving together I just might believe you. On this occasion I must insist that you are barking up the wrong tree. So far nothing you have suggested has overrided the information I know to be true. Can I explain the Silver Star, no. Do I know for a fact that he is a Marine, yes. Do yourself a favor and back off before it costs you.

  5. ExPingJockey says:

    Reading these posts with much interest but have a couple of questions….
    Has our hero provided …
    1 …concrete evidence of his service?
    2 …citations to accompany his decorations?
    3 …DD214 listing all of his accomplishments?
    4 …submarine qualification certificate?
    5 …anything beyond which can be purchased on the interweb?
    Clearly, as a government process, the FOIA process can be flawed. Has our hero cooperated to quell the outcry of the masses?
    How sad though when your actual life accomplishments are not good enough.
    My serious concern is if he has profited (monetarily or otherwise) by this ruse.

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      The people who know him have seen a lot of the documentation you mention, he receives a pension, I know people he has served with, but would you lift one finger to comply with people who publicly question your service and accomplishments? I wouldn’t… I have my DD-214 on the computer and ready to go, so all I would have to do is click the mouse. I still wouldn’t… Wave is an old guy and not computer friendly, he had to get someone to set up his Facebook… So for him to learn how to scan things in and take the time to do it to answer to people he doesn’t know is likely what is stopping him. If it were his friends and family, maybe, but not for strangers who set up a page to defame him.

  6. ExPingJockey says:

    Has anyone who actually served with this guy come forward to validate his story?

    • Edward Burdick says:

      Senior Chief Bill Brown served with Wave in 1968 on the USS Blenny.

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      The Senior Chief mentioned below and Cpl Joseph Bongiovanni whose middle innital I believe is C. Joe introduced Wave to me in 2009 as a guy he served with, so it is not in an effort to protect a buddy in the wave of this scandal… Of Wave. Haha.

  7. TankBoy says:

    I have emailed Wave over ten times. I am a retired Marine 1stSgt. He has my address. Why has he not sent me or anyone at all a single shred of evidence of service? Because he knows as well as I do that there is none. Had he sent me anything to prove his story, I would have defended him with pleasure. His uniform is not just out of standard, it is a walking abortion that NO MARINE EVER would have worn. His recruitment story is the worst sort of tripe. Retired SNCO’s do NOT escort bodies home. There is no record of his son dying in Iraq. He claims 22, 24, and 28 years at different places. Two good conduct medals? Really? I served 21 years. In five minutes I would produce 50 testimonials from Marines I have served with to include contact information, a DD214, and a retired ID card. He has done none of these things. I don’t deny that he has participated in noble group activities while rocking the lie, but were one word of his service true, he would have long since put this to bed. And of course don’t forget the letter from HQMC in response to the FOIA saying, “Who?” His initial defense were his records were destroyed in the fire in Kansas City. The fire destroyed Air Force and Army records. Besides, apparently he was still active then, given his claims of length of service, so his records would not be there. HQMC has the unit diaries of every unit for every day of the Vietnam conflict. As to why, today I honor four of my brothers lost this day, 11 May 2006. Men that pretend service and awards steal from honor due them. That, Cpl Johnson, is why I am here.

  8. Brandon Johnson says:

    I read your initial report and the follow ups, and I do have my own questions for Wave as some of the accusations cannot just be explained away. If it weren’t for two people, one of which I know very well, to claim to have served with him and has pictures of them in Vietnam I would question him even serving. Now there are things in curious about such as his Silver Star, his uniform (which I never really paid attention to before,) his service in the Navy which I never heard about, and various odds and ends. Having not heard about his time in the Navy or serving with the Navy is not proof in and of itself as if you were a Marine, then in the Navy, which would you talk about, haha. Has anyone searched on Marine On Line (if they even still have it?) To the best of my knowledge he has never profited off of his vetran status, but he has helped organization’s serving returning veterans raise money. Look, all of this came out of no where and it takes time to digest it all. A lot of the people you are arguing, hazing, and disrespecting on Facebook belong to the same organization that does a lot of good work including getting me back on solid ground when I returned from Iraq. To us it just seems more possible that Wave is who is says he is, than he put that much time and effort into trying to pull off a ruse. It would have taken several years of pulling together documents, photographs, and convincing several people who did serve to help him. He would have had to hatch this plan around 17 years old, be able to produce enough documentation to get the lie past several background checks ( including for the police,) and hoodwink the Government to pay him a pension. A lot of old, and young for that matter, embelish their stories. That’s why there is the running joke of old guys sitting at a bar telling war stories. If I were you, I would believe exactly what you believe, that Wave is a piece of shit that has not only lived a lie the past 30+ years but roped other people to back him up once confronted with the allegations. However, just the fact that he gets paid by the Government convinces me that he is telling the truth about serving, as we all know they wouldn’t release a dime without knowing for sure they had to. Now everything else beyond him serving is up for debate, who knows, the reason why his uniform is all jacked up is for the same reason he served all those years and came out a Gunny with only two good cookies.

  9. Henry Johnson says:

    I am kind of confused as to who the author of this article is but I have MORE information about this situation that may help prove Mr. Reynar’s story. There is just too much for a comment board like this to just throw up here along with additional photos. As Brandon Johnson mentioned he knows a couple of people in Mr. Reynar’s inner circle of friends well as do I because I am one of his friends or maybe was. But as I mentioned I do have information that may clear a few things up. I have been tracking this since hugs Facebook post with reading all 250 or so comments back and forth. So if Chris or Wesley would like to email me please do so.

  10. Henry Johnson says:

    Btw no relation to Brandon up their.

  11. Henry says:

    Did Not mean to post a million times I didn’t think any went through.

  12. Brandon Johnson says:

    I need to appologize to you guys, as we have been lied to over and over by Waverly. As far as we can tell he retired as an E-5 in the Navy. We are still waiting for any confirmation that he served in the Marines, but are not hopeful. When confronted by not only y’all but his friends as well, he complained about his health and shut down his Facebook. You guys were right on, however none of us appreciate the way it was handled. It does not help once accusing a friend then you personally berate everyone associated with him. If you want to out someone, great but there is no reason to curse and insult those around him. You won’t hear me defend Waverly anymore, but I will always defend those who haven’t done anything wrong from personall assault from those associated with whoever you were attacking in the first place. May I suggest in the future that it be about information sharing instead of a bullying campaign of whoever gets in the way.

    • Chris says:

      The whole time I was questioning Wave on his page, I tried to remain professional with both Wave and the other people even with them calling me names. We have learned from the past that a public exposure is best because it doesn’t give the poser time to come up with a lie to cover their lies. Wave, right now is following what we call Poser 101 tactics to the letter. His lies have caught up to him, and he is feeling the heat from it.

    • TankBoy says:

      Cpl Johnson,

      You don’t need to apologize. You did what a decent person would, you defended a friend. You did not know he was the liar, and had a very deep and long lasting line of shyte. I also agree with your further advice. It is hard to keep when attacked, though. Good luck, and Semper Fidelis.

    • Wesley Wislon says:

      You have no need to apologise, you were defending a friend. I would have done the same thing. Several people tried to contact Wave privately before doing so publicly, He ignored every attempt. Contacting him on publicly facebook was a last effort to get him to respond. I will say that Chris and myself tried to stay professional, Chris succeeded and I lost my temper. I have apologised to Rhonda for that.

      I will not speak for the actions of others, I will say that Stolen Valor is a huge problem and the only recourse we as a nation have is to confront those that do it. We have in fact been tasked to do so by the supreme court. The methods at times are harsh but they yield results.

      I as well as many other are still trying to piece together the bits of waves puzzle. HE has been telling these lies for Decades and it will take more than a few days to completely separate fact from fiction.

      I stand by what I have said from the beginning, Waverley Reynar is not a retired Marine Gunnery Sgt.

      Please contact me, I will be more than happy to share with you any information I have. As I have stated all anyone wants is the truth.

      Thank you again for your service and sacrifice to our nation. words alone can never pay that debt and in time I hope you see that in our actions we try.


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