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04/28/2015 by militaryphonies

Awards_Claimed_Online: Claims to be a former Special Forces Officer with 8th SFG Panama. Pace was actually a Military Police officer attached to or in support of 8th SFG Panama.He had no Special Forces training and his MOS was that of a Military Police

During that time the 8th SFG had SAF (Security Assistance Force). There were MP, Avn, MI, and PSYOP, in that organization. He would have been a non-SF slot in the MP det. assigned to 8th.



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6 thoughts on “Carl (Dick) Pace , US Army Special Forces, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Don Sowards says:

    You should be ashamed this type of behavior from an officer no less….!!! & on top of that an MP… From a person that started in the Army & transferred to Air Force/Security Police as a Security Specialist/Law Efforcement(Cross Trained) be proud of what you are not about something you’re NOT….!! Integrity above all else…!!!!

  2. […] Scotty sends us this guy Carl “Dick” Pace who claims to be a “green beret” the same way that Flemron Dickey claimed it. he claims that he was assigned to the 8th Special Forces group in Panama and that he was a trail assassin; […]

  3. RollingDognut says:

    More evidence to add to the wall.
    “A Bucknell University graduate, Pace served in the Army as a first Lieutenant in the 8th Special Forces Group located in Panama. He coached baseball, hockey and lacrosse in town for years and watched his sons Rich and Greg play hockey and lacrosse at GHS.”

  4. bub morgan says:

    So, how does this blog work – someone gives you a tip about another saying that he is a phony and you are shown a couple of flyers put out to promote an event or organization, then pull some basic military records and then proceed to trash an individual without any further investigation?

    Are you positive Dick Pace wrote those bios that refer he’s a Green Beret, or Ranger? Did anyone consider that someone else – an administrator or secretary of the organizations, may have added that info without a full understanding of his service? I’m sure he didn’t write the announcement for his community service award! Has the info been corrected on the CFP flyer, and when?

    I have known Dick Pace for nearly 50 years now, from college days and our military days, and continue to be a close friend. I served in the US Navy, including a year in combat in VN as an officer-in-charge of a PCF (Swiftboat). Now, looking back at my DD214, I notice that no where on it does it mention what I actually did on any of my tours. It had my dates, orders to report to various duty stations, and it listed several of the schools I attended – Crypto, mine warfare. But no mention of being Operations Officer on Ocean Minesweeper. Nor, did it indicate anything about my service in VN except that I was assigned to Coastal Squadron One. Well, that could have been doing anything.

    Although my medals awarded were listed, there was no mention of OINC of a Swiftboat, no mention of dozens of ambushes, boat damages and near sinkings, most of my crew wounded in various actions, etc.

    So, how the hell does anyone know what Dick Pace did in Panama by reading the documents that you posted save that he was attached to a green beret unit.

    Dick’s military service was well known to me and in all the time that I have known him never once did he lead me to believe that he was a “Green Beret” or Ranger, or anything else other than what he actually did in the Army for his 2 years of active duty in Panama and Language School.

    He told, and I only knew that he was attached as an MP to a SF group. Does that mean that he can say he’s a Green Beret? NO, and he never did! Never did I see him portray himself as a Green Beret – no words, no uniforms, no medals, no nothing!

    The Dick Pace I know is a true patriot with a huge sense of humor who has not only served honorably on active duty, but continued his service to others through many years of working with youth in sports & community organizations. He has helped countless young persons figure out college applications, find jobs, raised money for Bucknell over the years, and for the past 5 years became heavily involved in raising major funds to benefit fallen military families.

    All of us who have served in the military, and especially in combat, are disgusted when faced with someone pretending to be what he is not, but before you disparage the reputation of a person, be sure you have all of the facts – not just some disgruntled soul’s tip, or a few words on a flyer, put there by whom? This man, as a person and a vet does not deserve the irreversible smear that your site has placed on him, nor the downright disgusting comments by other vets on this site who have no idea of the person.

    Talk to the people who know and served with him and then take this down!

  5. bub morgan\ says:

    So, you take down my comments supporting Dick Pace, who never posed as a green beret or ranger, or anything that he was not in the Army. What kind of outfit is this that posts crap based on hearsay, or a flyer or two not written by Mr. Pace? I have a thought for you – before you smear a good person who served our nation honorably, and continues to raise funds for families of wounded veterans, DO A REAL INVESTIGATION of the facts as to how, and by whom those flyers were mistakenly written.

  6. John Skiavo says:

    This is my second attempt to post a comment regarding your posting on Dick Pace. By way of introduction I have know Dick Pace for over 50 years being a classmate at Bucknell and remaining in contact with him since we graduated. I also served in the Army as a Lt in the first Armored Division serving mostly with the G2, Personnel office. In that capacity I saw first hand the sacrifices made by many and understand that proper credit given is important to those who served. With regard to your attempted discredit of Dick Pace you missed the mark by a mile. First Dick did not write the write ups you quote and you have been notified by the organization in which the write up appeared. Secondly, the response you received by Dick DiMeo who served with Dick completely outlines his military service which is very significant and noteworthy. Third, Dick never attempted to benefit in any way from his service. In fact he has unselfishly given of his time and money to the families of our fallen service men and women. Dick continues to be a personal friend because I know his character, his love of family and country and his efforts to support those who gave so much to this country. With all the information you have been given I see no reason for you to continue your website on Dick Pace. good sense and courtesy says you should take down this website and your remarks.

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