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04/25/2015 by militaryphonies

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OK, don’t get me wrong here, Mr. Swartz

did raise his right hand and signed the blank check.



Jim’s claims:

Army Special Forces, Performed three jumps, 3 Bronze Stars,

1 Silver Star, POW, escaped from said POW camp,

and three time wounded.

All while being in Vietnam.

Let’s take a look at his  (2-1) file, shall we??

Vietnam is not listed on his Overseas Service record

So during your reading lesson of above 2-1 file was there

any mention of jump training? NO???

Was there any mention of SF training NO????

Was there any mention of tours in Vietnam? No?????

WOW!!!! Neither did we.

This photo was pulled from the video above.

Notice the accolades in the foreground.

Usually the recipient is also put into the records

of receiving such award.

His name is NOT listed in the Purple Heart registry,

Silver Star registry or the POW roster.

Just another scammer among us. The video from above

was recorded with an honorable Principle

of a local school.

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5 thoughts on “James Swartz ( Jim ) US Army Vietnam POW , Special Forces POSer Blog of Shame

  1. I don’t think I have seen a pile of Elephant Shit this tall.

  2. […] I’m getting real tired of these clowns. Scotty sends us the work of his crew over at his place on this ass-monkey James Schwartz who claims that he was […]

  3. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Scotty – the video is still online (you have the url typed wrong)… was able to see it. God almighty, the dude is so full of it.

  4. Sad that lies will be what people remember instead of the honorable service he did have. Integrity is LOST now!

  5. Where’s the CIB third award?

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