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03/07/2015 by militaryphonies


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Legion of Merit (not unheard of for a Major), Distinguished Flying Cross (possible for an aviator), Then the Purple Heart (here is the problem, either there is a numeral 2 on it or two oak leafs, stacked, either of which is wrong), Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation medal (oak leaf cluster appears to be on wrong), Good Conduct (single award), what looks like a possible Army Achievement medal, National Defense Service medal, Southwest Asia Service medal (with NO stars, which is wrong, there should be at least one), OEF medal, OIF medal, Korean Defense Service medal, the Army NCO Professional Development ribbon, Army Service Ribbon (for completing basic) and the Overseas Service Ribbon. The Global War on Terrorism medal is absent, but would be there for any service after 9/11. The Army Achievement (if that is what it is, it is very blurry, but there is no other ribbon or medal that looks like that) and Good Conduct are in the wrong order of precedence. The GCM also has NO clasp signifying subsequent awards, which means 3 to 5 years of enlisted service. That would preclude (except in exceptional circumstances) having the NCO Development Ribbon. And definitely preclude the Drill Sergeant “Pumpkin Badge” on the right side. The wings are Master Aviator Wings which require 15 years piloting AND 2000 air hours. The 2 on the Purple Heart set bells to dinging, also. Both would not have been from Desert Storm, so at least one would have had to be from either OEF or OIF. That would have gotten a Combat Action Badge, which is conspicuously absent. The epaulets have the MEDDAC regimental crests, not unit crests which would go there. No star on the NDS medal, and there would have been for the separate campaigns.

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The N.P.R.C. has no record . 


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20 thoughts on “Robin Anthony Rogers, aka Robin Abigail Burns ,aka Robyn Gail Burns , US Army POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Bob Houston says:

    Maybe she got them as a man

  2. Floyd Brown says:

    I think she is just a sick person and mentally thinks she was in fact in the Military.. I pity her more than being mad at her..

  3. cowboy1952 says:

    Makes me sick. The worse part is EVEN with the proof she continues to come down on the people calling her bluff. She needs some federal charges on STOLEN VALOR….

  4. Stan Harrington says:

    It looks like she has an 82nd Airborne Combat Patch on her right sleeve, but I don’t see any parachutist badge on the uniform.

  5. […] Scotty sends us his work on this person, Robin Anthony Rogers who also goes by the names Robin Abigail Burns and Robyn Gail Burns. I guess this person decided that when they changed their sexual identification they could make up a military career, too; […]

  6. Major Burns has my vote of being genuine. The NPRC has stated no proof one way or the other and it is based on the information sen to them that could be in error too.

    • gitarcarver says:

      James Halderman,

      While I normally don’t post on Scotty’s blog, I feel it is somewhat necessary to answer at least counter part of your vote of confidence of genuineness for Burns.

      Burns shows a picture of a Purple Heart in a case which she says she got out of the “saffe deposit” box. (Thank goodness we had ranking officers in the military that could spell, eh?)

      The picture actually comes from this forum:

      Can you give any legitimate reason why Burns would say that her medal gotten from a safety deposit box is the same medal and image as shown in a January, 2012 post from across the pond? Burns implies that she recently took the picture but yet it is from 2012 – over 3 years ago.

      If Burns is genuine, why would she lie and deceive people on the Purple Heart medal and image?

      There is only one answer: she isn’t legitimate or genuine.

    • Angel Vargesko says:

      The person in question is not listed as either a Bronze Star or Purple Heart Recipient both were medals she had claimed to have earned .

    • Obviously you never served. Any active duty/veteran can tell who is real and who is fake.

      • Angel Vargesko says:

        It’s true I have never Served BUT I am not questioning her entire record ( I m leaving that to the experts ) . To clarify what I am saying is that Robyn is guilty of committing Stolen Valor as she has indeed claimed a Bronze Star & a Purple Heart which she has not earned . Since she has also used those unearned honors when begging for money she has also , in fact committed a crime .

  7. Tim Plourd says:

    So no record returned because you didn’t have her DOB, social, or exact times in service. Her uniform has some questions. And that is enough for you to open a page on her?

  8. Ed White says:

    So many. So little time

  9. I read that one of her friend post that she was in the Pittsburg Va ..on March 7 .in ICU.. I call and use all the so call names,, so such person there … make me sick

  10. i so sorry i just so mad.. I was talking about the Pittsburg pa Va.. no person by that name in the hospital ,,so sorry again.. just make me want to throw up

  11. Christina M Mieth says:

    The person that started this please contact me as I have info. I am HIS offspring. Lol military brat army wife. Husband is a oie oif combat vet. I totally understand where u all are coming from. Hooah

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