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03/01/2015 by militaryphonies

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ID_Info: Bridget E Marshall , July 4th, 1974 ,  Dothan AL , Army Discharge Date 2004. Is claiming active service on twitter
Awards_claimed_online: yes Twitter @breemars Currently claiming to be in Iraq conducting night raids in ISIS 
Awards_claimed: photographs ( photoshopped) showing her flying a helicopter



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Active duty ; Three years, Three months, Twenty one days. Discharged an ( E-4 )


PMOS ; 92Y10 = Unit Supply Specialist 


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5 thoughts on “Bridget Marshall, US Army , Helicopter Pilot, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Damn I’m thinking the women POSERS are starting to catch up to the men…..Is it a contest?

  2. Roger Epel says:

    Wow this is crazy and disgusting. Beautiful woman which probably helps her be such a fraud.

  3. […] Scotty sends us his work on the Bridget Marshall person. She pretends to be am Apache pilot who is currently (or recently) deployed to Syria to fight ISIS. Thank goodness she made it back from that phony mission in one piece. […]

  4. Bruce Tibbetts says:

    The wench will learn. Good looks means nothing when you rot from the inside out.. besides, she ain’t all that.

  5. Duh? says:

    Lying CUNT…my dad said its the nastiest thing you can call a whore…bitch wouldn’t last one day throwing a threat our way. Buddy and his friends are at my side 24/7…nasty bitch…

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