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01/30/2015 by militaryphonies

Their End of trails ranch consists of a one acre lot that his mother owns because that is where they still live. Plus it is a non licensed 501c3 non profit.24
Don’t you love the Marine K-Bar that he uses as a cover photo. He claims 1st LT. on this profile.
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 Here is why we can’t find his records. They are ” classified “

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Bragging that her husband is a member of the American Legion. Plus shows where he paid his membership dues10937408_928178757199877_728175558_n (1) 10937408_928178757199877_728175558_n 10937817_928704567147296_1220674218_nPhoto’s from his wife’s twitter account
1) 4 Bronze Stars? WAT DA FUQ…dude is seriously into self worship and that doesn’t even begin the WTF moments

2) 5 PH’s????? again WAT DA FUQ…btw for those keeping count that’s 5…4 OLC’s and 1 ribbon.

3) 2 ARCOM’s and yet the NDSM with 3 stars for a total of 4

4) The Red, White and Blue ribbon in the 2nd full row from the top and on the right is the Soldiers Medal and he has 1 OLC on it. This would mean he performed an act deemed heroic TWICE while in a non combat situation. See the key phrase below…

(The performance must have involved personal hazard or danger and the voluntary risk of life under conditions not involving conflict with an armed enemy)

All that fruit salad and yet 2 ARCOMS and ZERO Army Achievement Medals?

2223Two reply’s from the NPRC show ” No Records “
The NPRC has no record of him ever serving

8 thoughts on “Shane Boda US Army , Special Forces, Combat Wounded, Operation Desert Storm , POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. […] Shane Boda US Army , Special Forces, Combat Wounded, Operation Desert Storm , POSer, Blog of Shame. […]

  2. Fully Loaded says:

    I bet he is one of those Black Ops Special Warfare Mosby Rangers and his records were lost in the ST Louis fire. He’s a special kind of hero!

  3. […] Scotty sends us his work on this Shane Michael Boda fellow. He runs End of the Trail, which he claims is a 501(c)(3) that does something that is indecipherable at the Facebook page. He claims that he was an Army 1st Lieutenant for ten years; […]

  4. Michael1 says:

    Is that five awards of the USMC Combat Action Ribbon I see on that rack the turd claims? I don’t recognize some of those awards.

  5. Sarge says:

    what a putz…thanks Scotty for expose!

  6. ( Allegedly ) As a civilian he likely cut his finger opening a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, and slapped on a bunch of ebay ribbons for that owie. IMHO. After all, he would have had to be so very brave to open the second and third boxes with band-aids on his fingers! He could be a true Cookie Monster hero! He could be a real and valid threat to anyone 6 years old or below! Now give him a biggo glass of Milk to go with his cookies! 🙂 After all, it is way past his bed time! If he stays up too late he starts getting really creative with all kinds of war stories! (At least the Girls Scouts really did earn their badges!)

  7. RandyS says:

    I ran that ribbon rack to ground. Here’s what it consists of (From the top):Army Distinguished Service Cross w/silver oak cluster, Department of Defense Distinguished Service Medal w/2x Silver and 2x Bronze OC, Army Distinguished Service Ribbon w.Bronze OC, D.O.T Distinguished Service Ribbon, Silver Star w/ Bronze OC, Defense Superior Service Ribbon, Soldier’s Medal w/ Bronze OC, Bronze Star w/3x Bronze OC, Purple Heart w/4x Silver OC, Joint Service Commendation Ribbon, ARCOM w/ Bronze OC, Joint Service Achievement Ribbon, Combat Action Ribbon (USN, USMC, USCG) w/4x Silver Stars,

    I just want to pause here. Right here in the ribbon rack is where the POW Ribbon would go. There’s no POW Ribbon here. Where was I? Oh yeah,

    National Defense Service Ribbon w/4x Bronze Stars, Armed Forces Expeditionary Ribbon, Kosovo Campaign Ribbon w/ Bronze Star, The Afghanistan Ribbon, The Iraq Campaign Ribbon w/ no stars or spearhead, or anything, The GWOT Service Ribbon, The Army Sea Duty Ribbon, The Army Service Ribbon, The Army Overseas Service Ribbon w/ the numeral “9”, the Combat Readiness Ribbon (Air Force) w/4x Silver OC, the D.O.T 9-11 Ribbon, The Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon (USCG), The Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon (USAF), The Kuwait Liberation of Kuwait Ribbon, and the Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (USAF)

    So as I count it, this 1LT received 124 decorations from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, the D.O.T, and possibly the Marines or the Navy. It includes 21 Combat Action Ribbons and 21 Purple Hearts. (Circumstance?) All this and despite being taken prisoner, he was never awarded the POW Ribbon.

    I dunno. Seems legit to me.

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