Johnny Joseph Wesley Smith, aka Wes Smith, US Army , 5th Special Forces Group, 75th Ranger, Scout/Sniper , POSer, Blog of Shame


01/27/2015 by militaryphonies

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INFANTRYMAN (11B) and 11M — Mechanized Infantryman are the only PMOS’s held. No secondary MOS’s and no QUALIFICATION from Ranger School . Three years, seven months time served.   

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30 thoughts on “Johnny Joseph Wesley Smith, aka Wes Smith, US Army , 5th Special Forces Group, 75th Ranger, Scout/Sniper , POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Well dayum.. he could not be content with a decent Army tour?? These are the ones that I just don't get and they should know better. Be proud of what you did. Now you blew it all to hell because you wannabe a frigging hero IDIOT.

  2. John Gagnier says:

    I was not aware that snipers used machine guns!!

  3. orionh3000 says:

    yeah a pretty decent tour. sad he felt the need to embellish. guess he hasn't done much with life since.

  4. Smith says:

    Clearly just another pissed off millitary x- wife. I’m working through VA with my disability retirement. To bad people do this. It’s a shame.

    • So I guess that it’s a military x-wife that used her super powers to erase your name from Ranger School. And not completing SF’s training ? Also you would have a VSO helping you with your disability claim. Stop trying to piss down our leg. You was caught trying to be an internet tough guy. And now your stupidity of blaming it on a x-wife even furthers how much of a phony that you are. Pound sand POSer.

      • Mark says:

        Send him to the va to see the real heroes who don’t brag on their works!

      • Mark says:

        Oh my can by a 50 cal machine gun bottles and bottles of booZe and get nearly 600 a month for a disability! The bad thing is that this was found out by his daughter and sent to him by a girl that he cheated on his wife with! Well my grounddaughter is well taken care of! This is not about her but Misleading people into false stories!I have sent this or his so called assignments to the csm of each group he has said he has been with and awaiting confirmation ! My social life is not about this! If I wanted to I could post his arrest records and the names of the girls he has cheated on and the number of times he has been married! Plus still married and living with another girl! The scares he has put on so many children and women ! We are not perfect but do not take the honor away from those that have really served and died for their country!! Blaming a child for being caught that is the lowest type of human being!!

    • Mark says:

      Yeah his wife and child because he is over a year in back child support and draws 10% disability . The only reason his wife is upset is because of the beat down he gave her and that came from his 13 year old daughter!!

      • Danyell says:

        Crazy ex wife his crazy ex wife is sick of watching him lie to everyone actually his teenage daughter is the one that found this website … But lets talk about crazy who lies about being a hero oh Ya a crazy person who refuses to not pay child support oh Ya a low life crazy person and who beats women oh ya a low life crazy person and who curses their child and makes them feel like shit wanting nothing ever to do with them Ya a crazy person and what he don’t get he can deny but it’s all public record I houma la … So get over yourself phonie suck it up and drive on you are NOT A HERO

  5. Sally says:

    How did your ex-wife erase all of your military records? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Based on your previous claims, I would guess not. Shame on you for pretending you protected this country when all you did was beg for medical discharge at the first mention of war. Are you afraid JENNIFER will see you for the worthless loser you are and kick your unemployed ass to the curb? Or perhaps all the people who haven’t yet seen through your BS will see that the imaginary life you’ve created is as worthless as your ability to breathe the same air as the TRUE military heroes? Give up, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt….you’re number is finally up!

    • Danyell says:

      High five Sally 🙌 you said it perfectly

    • Mark says:

      I wonder what Chris Kyle family will say when they get a copy of this! He had the heart to do the real thing! The town of humble Texas should be ashamed of them selves foe letting him live there or any where in the us!

      • Wes Smith says:

        This is all completely made up. They have taken pictures that my daughter took with her cell phone and created this trying to make me pay child support that is behind due to losing my job. I have had 3 orthopedic surgeries then med boarded resulting 3 follow up surgeries all service connected. This is a attempt to make me pay money I don’t have by the parent that thinks doing this will help. He has been caught cheating on his wife 3 times in the last 4 years. Please don’t allow this to continue. My phone number is bellow so please contact me and let’s clear this up because this is clearly wrong. Thank you.

        Wes Smith U.S Cell. 985-517-6808 Skype. 985-746-1514


      • What is your Ranger Class number Wes Smith ?

    • Mark says:

      Bad thing is he is getting 587!a month for a disability that’s he is doing every day! Stealing money Is what he is doing

      • Frank says:

        People like this are a disgrace to the human race.

      • Frank says:

        So WES SMITH, your saying your military records are wrong??? And these are photos taken from your own personal Facebook page. Looks to me your just a sorry peace of shit that got caught .. Man up and stop blaming your wrong doings on every one else get off your mommas titty !!!

      • Sally says:

        It wouldn’t be considered cheating if you’d just let AJ have her divorce.

    • Mark says:

      According to csm marsh at ft Campbell ky no records of him! Plus no airborne training! No jump wings! No just waiting for the ranger bn csm to call me back!

    • PW says:

      It appears he even tries to use it as part of his work history on a professional side.

  6. Sally says:

    These pictures are CLEARLY taken from your own page. Blaming your ex-wife didn’t work so now you resort to blaming your innocent child who has nothing to do with you BECAUSE of the lies that you live? YOU ARE A JOKE!

  7. JW says:

    Wes Smith, if all these are wrong whats right? Lets hear your side. Evidence is against you, and thus far you have not shown or said anything to prove otherwise. Or is that CLASSIFIED? you know need to know type information.

  8. Josh says:

    If those weren’t his pictures, why did he delete his FB?

  9. JW says:

    So did anyone give this guy a shout after he left is name number and E-mail address? wonder what he had to say?

    • His co-workers, Family members, and people from his town know about him. He de-activated his F/B account.

    • I know this liar and even if you call him out he believes his on BS. I don’t think he realizes what a piece of crap he is and what disrespect he has done to those that have gone the extra mile in defending our freedom. I respect him for his service but call him out for his so called “disability” when it came to the “put up or shut up moment”. I can hear it now… When war called Wes was crying on the phone to his mom. Sally knows him too and had it all right!

  10. JW says:

    So he is going to go on the down low and then going recreate his lie with a new group of associates.

    • The town that he lives in is very patriotic. Nothing short of a public apology will stop the shit storm that he created for himself.

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