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01/25/2015 by militaryphonies

Multiple MugShot photo’s of him on the web. 
This Ain’t Hell Blog ;
Outpost of Freedom Blog ;

I am requesting that a copy of the following document(s) be provided to me:
1) Any sort of enlisted proof that Christopher N. Blystone. From Winnsboro TX. WITH a DOB of
2) If possible a copy of his DD214 or any other verification forms.
3) Date of Enlistment and Date of Discharge as well as Discharge Status.
4) Job description and Rank.
5) Was he the Medic that rescued Petty Officer Marcus Luttrellback in 2005… ( Lone Survivor).
6) An eight year Veteran of the U.S. Army. He served with the 160th SOAR as a flight medic in
Somalia, Bosnia and in Kuwait before returning home to the states for the remainder of his tour.
During his service he received the Combat Medic Badge, a Meritorious Service Medal and Army
Commendation Medal with Valor (1 oak cluster). During this time he was only 17 years old. And claims
he was a Combat Medic with the 160th SOAR His unit was “Blackhawk Down”
Can the following claims be validated: (Military Bases he claims to have been stationed at).
New London, CT — (No Date)
Ft. Knox, KY — (ND)
Ft. Hood Army Base — (ND)
Ft. Bragg, NC — 1993
Ft. Campbell, KY — 1994
US Air Force Base Ramstein, Germany — 1996
Camp Casey, Korea — 1998
Groton, CT – 1999

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One thought on “Christopher N. Blystone , US Army , Medic,160th SOAR , Battle of Mogadishu , POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. I met this poser headed to dc for Operation American Spring in May 2014..he talked a good game while there, but while we were invited to participate in a radio show I said my 20 minutes worth then they gave this POS the floor (this was a call in show and I was in route back to Texas)and just about the time he started.. Everything was lies. Come to find out he had solicited money from churches and non profits, and patriot groups to cover costs.. And the bastard kept every penny.. When I got back home myself, a former JAG officer and others started digging into him… And his whole life was one lie and criminal acts Free another.. Gary Hunt at Outpost of Freedom put it all together, and I even talked to and faxed plenty of info showing her how he broke probation and I sent her photos of the rifle he took to DC…. why didn’t he land in prison… No-one has been able to figure. This pos still lives in Winnsboro, Texas and his story now is he works with the FBI. That might be true and he’s a SNITCH! sure like to have a picture of him with his teeth kicked in…


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