Francisco Moffa, aka Anthony Michael Ridge , US Navy , LT. Commander , POSer , Blog of Shame


10/07/2014 by militaryphonies

FaceBook Account ;

Anthony Michael Ridge is a liar..or he’s adopting a kidnapped kid ;


Anthony Michael Ridge hits another winner ;


Anthony Michael Ridge goes clean off the deep end ;


Stolen valor gets some attention ;






The NPRC has no record of him ever serving . 


13 thoughts on “Francisco Moffa, aka Anthony Michael Ridge , US Navy , LT. Commander , POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. John Gagnier says:

    Don't you find it just a bit ironic how much this POSer touts his religious beliefs and his love of this country while he is attempting to pull off such a huge lie? If he really is married, I feel sorry for his wife

  2. Volalupi says:

    This was his nonsense too.

  3. Mark L says:

    I notice this nut monkey is careful not to show his face anywhere. Wonder if he's got warrants?

  4. JUlie Jo says:

    Semper Fi is the Marines not the Navy. Napoléon complex for sure. Just another wanna be.

  5. Carmen neufeld says:

    To whom who wants to know I have pics of him, no he isn’t married he dates a mentally challenged woman who he mentally and verbally abuses

  6. louis steffens says:

    Francisco Moffa is NOT Michael Anthony Ridge. He is a know.crackhead and woman abuser from.Harrisburg Pa. Any info you need feel free to,email me.and I will be happy to give you any and.all information on him.

    • Tabitha lewis says:

      You are online, in the system your picture, rape.. hmmmmmm

  7. Tabitha williams says:

    Louis steffens has a conviction for rape. And a coward to boot! Any info you may need email me. And carmen nuefeld is a liar and a user to put it lightly.

    • Carmen neufeld says:

      Francisco was convicted of rape on a little boy of his best friend his own mother don’t want nothing to do with him and has been avoiding him his other brother Emmanuel who is locked up because of something Francisco wanted him to do and then Francisco snitched on him I have many many police reports of Francisco harassing me because I don’t want him in my life because he gets drunk and cracked out and he starts acting stupid as far as my brother Louis is concerned Tabitha Williams don’t sit there and try to say you know about our family cuz you don’t know anything about our family it’s awfully funny how I sit there and say I am going to make it no and I will show records court records prison records of my whole family to show that were innocent and it’s Francisco who has caused pain lies and hurt he wants to be with a mentally slow person that’s on him I know I lived with him I know how he treats his girlfriend and yes she is slow she’s handicapped mentally so therefore don’t sit there and say you checked into it cuz if you checked into it then you know we have certain people that back us up that are in the justice system and then you would know that Francisco is the liar and the rapist not to mention just last year when I moved out of Francisco’s house the police had to be called due to the fact that he tried to rape my goddaughter and when I stopped him I got punched in the face I got choked and thrown down a flight of steps so yes you don’t know nothing about Lewis myself or Francisco

  8. Tabitha lewis says:

    Louis jeles steffens has a rape conviction for the rape of a woman. Easy to look up, out of belofonte pa. He is inline you have nothing. Except maybe incest on your part.

  9. Tabitha lewis says:

    I work with Louis, and maybe his wife girlfriend Joyce needs a picture of him on the screen offender website? Can’t refute that!?

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