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08/28/2014 by militaryphonies

   A  Phony Sailor  operating a Non licensed Veterans Charity    

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Mr. Jim Davis Self proclaimed founder and CEO of Veterans For Change, for years, posted on thr VFC website that VFC was registered 501(C)3 non profit organization using a Tax ID of 27-3820181 and a Calif Dept of Charities ID of CT-0190794. Right up until 03/14/2014, he continued to solicit “tax deductible donations over the internet that he CLAIMED were to be used to help veterans in need. However, after thoroughly investigating his operation by checking with the IRS Charities search website using that Tax ID, as well as the name of his organization, I found out that VFC was not a registered 501(C)3 and had never been. So then Called IRS (877) 829-5500. 12/30/2013 SPOKE WITH Ms Yates id number 0195571. She stated that Veterans For Change Organization is not recognized by the IRS as an official 501C (3) organization either by name and address or via the tax id/Employer Identification Number (EIN) of 27-3820181 that they have listed on their website. Following that, I checked the Calif A.G website looking to see if his Charitable Trust was valid and found out that it had been suspended. Even though he was not eligible to do so, Mr. Davis repeatedly sent requests over the internet on many, many occasions soliciting tax deductible donations that he CLAIMED were to be usedto help veterans whose nameshe used in those solicitations. He included stories that sounded very fishey and many of which had way too many similarities in them. But, when Mr. Davis was asked to provide contact information for those vets so that tghe stories could be verified, Mr. Davis refused to providfe that informationm stating that it was embarrassing enough for the vet to have asked for help in the first place and they did not deserve to be further humiliated. When I began conftronting Mr. Davis with this via emnails, he began a series of threats to me via emails and posting letters to his group in which he made false allegations about me and in one case he even called me a “traitor” to my fellow veterans. I have copies of all of this if you need it as proof

John Gagnier
SSgt, USAF Veteran

FaceBook Page ; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Veterans-For-Change/102236879839351?sk=timeline&app_data

FaceBook Account ; https://www.facebook.com/jim.davis.92?fref=ts

11 thoughts on “Jim Davis , aka James Davis US Navy, Submarine Service , POSer . Blog of Shame

  1. Jim Davis says:

    I strongly recommend the removal of this false claims and accusations, not once have I claimed submarine duty, nor that I was a Veteran!

    I was honorably discharged due to breach of contract by the Department of the Navy!

    Screen prints have been forwarded to attorney's and law enforcement!

  2. Scotty H. says:

    Newsflash Tough Guy. I took the screen save directly from your FaceBook information page.

    Post your dd-214 to prove what you say is true, WASHOUT

    PLEASE contact your Attorney and Law Enforcement. They will conduct an investigation into this and it will suck to be you when they find that you've deceived the general public and the Government with your scam. BRING IT !

  3. Jim Davis says:

    Evidently you know very little about face book, that is something I didnt' post. I've never claimed to be a Vet and have always corrected those in public that I am not a Vet.

    The attempt has been made several times to remove that two lines and it continues to stay…

    But WTFE… you know nothing about what has transpired, what is going on etc… and you didn't even have the guts to ask…

    Very little credibility on your part and that of Mr. John Gagnier, Mike Carson, Tanya Boozer, Aletta Jeanette Drummond, Linda Karen Cardiff May, etc..etc…etc..

    Takes REAL COWARDS to hide behind a hidden face book page which has already been infiltrated.

  4. Scotty H. says:

    At this time, I DEMAND that you show evidence of Veterans for Change is a Licensed Non Profit Orig.

    And don't feed me any BS about not knowing anything about FaceBook. Delete the whole portion if you can't remove part of it, stupid.

    BTW, Does your nose have one zip-code or Two ?

  5. Aletta says:

    According to the FOIA military record, you, Jim, served less then a month. I have an email, with header, where you wrote:
    “I did serve 116 days, on day 81 I received my orders for school and by my enlistment contract I was to have gone to corp school not electronics which is what my orders were for.

    I did protest via Capt’s Mast, then because I was treated like crap for making any sound at all and not being “grateful” as my captain put it I requested Brigade Mast and sent to the base Commander who also gave me the basic same treatment.

    At the time my dad was in DC on the promotions board and not to ask for help or even dream of getting it, we did talk about it, and I was then immediately transferred to the holding barracks where I was for six days when I finally received my “honorable” discharge and plane ticket..”
    I know others who didn't make it through boot camp like you, they received either a medical or general discharge. What makes you think we believe you received an Honorable discharge without even making it through boot camp?
    You know the FB page PEOPLE INVOLVED WITH VETERANS FOR CHANGE, I leave my posts up, you are the one that is the coward! I invite others to go to the FB page I listed above and see that I am NOT hiding behind any of my words of truth about you, James Roy Davis..aka. Jim Davis!

  6. 11 Bravo says:

    Hey Jimmy I too welcome you to bring your legal beagles into this matter. Once it has been discovered that you have been running a fraudulent Non Profit and that you have claimed a tax exempt status for this non profit the FEDERAL Government will come calling and when they come into this they will bring many more alphabet agencies. Y'see once the Feds come calling they like to be thorough and cover all bases. What this means for you is that your life is going to suck even more than it does now. Once the D.C. folks are done then California gets it's shot as well as your local LE folks.

    I suspect that when all is said and done you will be looking at several years of misery while your scam is torn apart not to mention a couple of years in the Federal Crowbar hotel. Bring it on big boy and watch what happens. I'll bring the popcorn because I suspect this will be one very interesting show to watch. 😀

    Now how about you just sit back and let us handle bring your little circus show down one tent pole at a time.

    Scotty I think that nose has about 5 zip codes. 😀

  7. 11 Bravo says:

    One more thing Jimmy boy…

    I know plenty about Facebook and I know that on the internet nothing is truly ever erased so all of your bullshit can be found. Your lies about not being able to remove the claims of being a Submariner or Veteran are total horseshit. You can remove it if you so choose but obviously you are not willing to.

  8. Pat says:

    I despise ANYONE who claims Veteran status, when they are not, or who falsely claim military service and awards, when revealed, it's a blatant lie on the part of the individual…I will be sharing THIS “reveal” with alllllll my military friends and associates and requesting they do the same…Takes a real POS to do and proclaim the things you've proclaimed Jim Davis…I truly hope your notoriety catches up with you…

  9. Pat says:

    I absolutely despise “posers”…Those that claim Military service when it's blatantly false, military awards and decs, when it's blatantly false, and especially those that try to make personal and monetary gains by misrepresenting themselves…I will share this with alllll my military friends and associates and ask them to please publish on their FB pages…In addition, I certainly hope someone will pursue your claims under The Stolen Valor Act…You, Jim Davis, are a real POS….

  10. As a wife of a navy retiree (20 years, 18 of them in the sub force) I am absolutely appalled. My husband is truly my hero, even if he's stepped on by everyone else in govt. To have someone going around making false claims and raising money for vets is disgusting. Where's the help for my husband and the countless other vets struggling daily? Answer us that Mr. Davis. And go ahead. Answer the typical mouthpiece answer: there's help at the VA. I'm throwing the BS flag. I have a DD214 & amended 215 to back up my ass. I am so sick of the organization's that claim to help our heroes and are nothing but fake…only to watch the organization's that truly help vets get a bad rep. Please don't use veterans as YOUR personal platform.

  11. WFuzi says:

    There is only one way you could have claimed National Gulf War Resource Center (NGWRC) as a place of employment, and that would be because you claimed to be a Gulf War veteran. That would be stolen valor for profit. I am a member of NGWRC which is a 501c3. And you have to have been a Gulf War veteran, to have worked for them. The only non veteran working for NGWRC is the treasurer, and she is the CEO's wife.

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