Jesse James Jamnik , US Army , Retired ( E-5 ) Ranger , POSer, Blog of Shame

08/15/2014 by militaryphonies

When he was first confronted about his military history on 07/23/2014.He claimed that he was a retired Ranger from the 3/75th . He gave his Ranger Class number as 3-02. And that his rank was ( E-5 ). 
Since then, He has deleted all claims of Army Ranger status from his website and FaceBook Page. Plus shutdown his Blog.  That isn’t surprising as all of it was lies. He was never an Army Ranger. If fact he was barley a Soldier. He served 19 months as a mechanized Infantryman ( 11M1) He was discharged as a Private ( E-1 ) Not an ( E-5 ) And not Retired.

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