Angel Aviles, US Coast Guard, Korea & Vietnam Veteran, BSM x2, Purple Heart , POSer Blog of Shame


08/01/2014 by militaryphonies

Angel Aviles Claims to be decorated Vietnam vet, Korea vet, claims to work for the FBI.. Flashes badge, and govt’ credit card all the time

MILITARY: Veteran of the Year recognized ;

20 tears in the Coast Guard , Never in Korea or Vietnam. No Bronze Stars or Purple Hearts

3 thoughts on “Angel Aviles, US Coast Guard, Korea & Vietnam Veteran, BSM x2, Purple Heart , POSer Blog of Shame

  1. An excellent military career tarnished by offenses subject to court-martial.

    I have a friend who retired from the Coast Guard who often told me (I'm a Viet Nam veteran) that he wished he could have served in Viet Nam, and requested to serve there, but the Coast Guard never sent him there.

    But, I'm impressed by what my friend did when he was serving honorably in the United States Coast Guard.

    He is certified as a “Square Knot Sailor”, a very RARE seafaring honor, meaning that during his career, he sailed all seven of the Seven Seas and visited all four of the Four Corners of the Earth.

    If ONLY this guy, ANGEL A. AVILES, had told the truth!

    His citation indicates he was a Petty Officer, but his DD-214 shows him retiring as a Boatswain's Mate First Class.

    Is that the same thing as a Petty Officer, or was he reduced in rank due to some military offense?


  2. If I read it correctly, a BM2 is basically equivalent to a PO2. The Boatswains Mate is supposed to be like the jack of all trades on a ship, a true master. So it appears the guy's service was honorable, yet he had to go and screw it up with lies.


  3. I see BM1, same as PO1, E6 pay grade. Too bad he is also a liar.


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