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07/24/2014 by militaryphonies

Hello XXXX …

Really appreciate any help you can give here. This guy has been a good friend of mine for many years and I “never” gave it a thought to doubt him until recently. I should have known better because I realize that some people can “talk the talk” simply by gathering intel by reading, listening, television and hanging around others.

In any case my friend here claims he has been a 5th Special Forces LRRP and even did recon missions in Laos & Cambodia. In conversations with me he always made it known he was in Nam 68-69 and yet today another friend informed me that he was always told 71-72. The thing is … is that we recently decided to look into this a bit and  discovered he was supposedly born in 1954 and that he was still in high school (a junior) in 1971.

That would make him 17yrs of age and the 5th Special Forces pulled out of VN in 1971 and went back to Ft Bragg in 1971, so we realized he has apparently been feeding us a line of bull. The more we been thinking about this we are wondering if in fact he was ever really in the service. 

He is very well versed on 5th SF and LRRP talk but we have “never” seen any photos at all of him in any kind of uniform, no challenge coins, old uniforms, patches or military paraphernalia of any kind all these years.

We managed to look up his Junior Class photo on line and he attended High School in Miami, Oklahoma and I will attach that as well. With what we have thus far leaves no doubt that he has strung us along about his time in Vietnam and 5th Special Forces training … let alone leaving doubt about his stories of excursions into Laos and Cambodia.

He has never mentioned any rank of any kind and in past discussions with “the guys” has always said his stuff (uniforms, pics & such) was destroyed by his ex wife years ago.

He has resided in Miami, OK and also has a home in Seneca, MO .

His name is Ward F. McGorder Jr (as you can see) and according to his D.O.B. is only 59 yrs of age at this time.

NPRC has no record of him ever serving

This asshat was given the chance to cease and desist with

 the bullshit posing. How does he respond? He claimed the

 NPRC check ran on him was inaccurate because when he

 “came back from Nam had to change my SS# due to a

bounty on my head by the North so the report is wrong as a

 correct search wasn’t ran….”. Yeah, changed his SS# but

 NOT his name nor his home of record nor his appearance

. Latest doozy from this clown is he’s telling customers at the

 gun store he works at that “one time got shot down in a

 Huey and had to spiral it down”. Yes this guy is for real, a

 true cartoon.. Also continues to claim was personal friends

 with Tony Poe (CIA). Claims was in Nam in 1968

2 thoughts on “Ward F. McGorder Jr , US Army, 5th Special Forces Group, LRRP, Vietnam Veteran, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. KLM says:

    I know this guy! Not personally but I frequent Steve’s Trading Post in Joplin where he works and he is always talking about his time in special forces. Everything that comes up when this guy is around seems to turn in to a viet nam story, sometimes kinda annoying really but to find out he never even served really doesn’t surprise me, some of his gabbing is pretty “out there”. Wow, what a loser.

  2. J AWS says:

    Wow, this guy has been busted hands down and compounds it by telling more lies in a feeble attempt to save face! Pathetic, speaks volumes about this insecure dirtbag. Naturally he couldn't have just been an average joe that went to Nam and maybe got in the sh++ a time or two, no he had to be special forces like his kind always do, a little valor theft isn't enough for wannabes like this, they gotta steal every bit of it. Pathetic!

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