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A Licensed Psychologist, Ph.D. stated in his report the following:
“Mr. Meggart’s military experience is real.  He is a combat veteran of the Viet Nam War.  His was involved in special operations and his military/State Department record may be somewhat protected for this reason.  He does not want to discuss his experience nor his subsequent hospitalization for trauma related experiences.  He prefers to view those experiences in his past.  This reluctance may appear to some to be a sign that he is attempting to deceive others as to the reality of his participation in the military.  As many special operations forces were, he may have been instructed to not discuss his war time experience.  The investigator was the Clinical Coordinator for the Viet Nam Vet Centers for Alaska in the early eighties and considers himself to be somewhat of an expert in this area.  There is nothing in Mr. Meggart’s presentation or his brief descriptions of his duty that cause the investigator to doubt him.”
 E. Meggert during the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill he told me several things about his experiences as a Viet Name vet.  One of the most horrifying things he said was that he was part of a special forces group reconnaissance unit who were programmed to kill, programmed as mercenaries. He told me that he was the only one of that group who survived and because he was so messed up or whatever, they de-programmed him and sent him back into civilization.  And he said that he was watched for 10 years by them to make sure he adjusted back into a normal life.
·         He also would talk about how highly trained he was to kill, to not mess with him, to not wake him up at night because he might hurt me.  Talked about killing women and children.  He used words saying he was a black ops, long range reconnaissance, in the special forces, a mercenary, etc.
What I have noticed is most of this Fake Warriors have gone out in public, wearing fake uniforms, etc., and have therefore clearly been caught and able to prosecuted. 
From my experience …, he is not that stupid, he has used his supposed Viet Nam service to gain respect and sympathy behind the lines from friends here in Alaska.  He has probably stated over and over the following to his trusted friends:  that he was a combat veteran of the Viet Nam War; involved in special operations and his military record may be somewhat protected for this reason; since his supposed service was such a classified special operation; yet he has told numerous people he has been hospitalized for his war trauma related experiences. 
below statements are from the log notes from 1996, made by E. Meggert:
Drafted in 12-69,  2-71 released;
8 weeks Ft. Leonardwood for basic training;
went to Georgia – Ranger school;  A.I.T. not went into; Advance Infantry Training; 
Attended Jump School at Ranger School truncated 5 wks
service # not recall, honorably discharged, DD214 I got; said in interrogatories I don’t have at this time, I have no records, stationed in Viet Nam. Was drafted 69-72 while teaching, was in special forces.  
Had treatment before released, psychological treatment.
Was in Army’s 101 st Airborne and involved in special operations.

Transcripts from a 1996 Court Hearing where Edward Meggart testifed under oath that he is a Vietnam Veteran. 

The NPRC has no record of Edward E. Meggart ever serving in the U.S. Army

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  1. Mental health professionals presume their client is telling the truth. That's simply the way the profession works. They get sucked in all the time so with that presumption it's no wonder the Ph.D. said this “man's” military experience was real.

    Oooops, I was scheduled for heart surgery today, hope the patient doesn't mind that I will be late as I'm staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

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