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06/24/2014 by militaryphonies

 From: Thomas Heben

Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 7:02 PM
Subject: Re: Uncomfortable Subject

To All:
 How and where to start to address a community such as this? This has been a nightmarish situation that has finally manifested itself into it's end game. One that, honestly, I'm glad has come, for better or for worse.

Without fruitless excuses, whines or whimpers, jumping into the meat of this topic, I think, is the way things should be and the way they will.

To the community: I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of SOF. Selection came and passed by me, twice, and of each saw me on the sidelines and still just a member of SWTG and its student/OT pool. My time of covering/hiding that fact is over.
You all made that journey, my friends have made that journey, and my brother made that journey. I did not.

In continuing that facade, I did use those "credentials" to obtain a job right out of the army.
While I am no longer employed with that company, I do believe that that lie was a prime reason for me being hired. I don't blame anyone, nor that company for the hiring, but myself for the misrepresentation and sheer need to get into the workplace vs doing it the honest way....the respectable way. It was the bullshit spewing at the height of it all that got me there, the same bullshit that is leading to this moment now.

To the Regiment, to my former friends, and to my brother: Nothing I can say here could even possible begin to take away the rage you all feel. Seeing it through my own brother and knowing the fervor with which posers are called out, I still decided to do that anyway. It is completely unbecoming of an army soldier, a man, and just a good person. The community you all uphold and maintain is the best in the world, and bringing shame on that name, on that brotherhood is something I'll never be able to take back. I don't know 99.9% of you, but to the ones I do, I know I will probably never be speaking to you all after that and I understand it. You all fought for your country, fought for your unit, your brothers I simply chose to avoid the call. I'm not the man you all are and have been....So I pretended....plain and simple.

To the families, those hurt the most: I simply cannot take back enough times the I may have hurt you. "All gave some. Some gave all", and the pain you all have experienced is behind comprehension. To the families of the dad's lost in one corner of the world to another, my words are not enough to justify the pitiful actions committed. Those men and their families have done more for their brothers, the community and this country than I could even begin to fathom. And in faking that role, a mockery was made to the men that have gone before the real heroes.

To my family and the ones I love: keeping something like this from you all, the ones I will hurt on a personal, close knit level is something that I cannot comprehend. Getting caught up in all this and taking it to the level it was is disturbing. To you all, an apology will be made, however, on a personal, in the flesh, scenario. Knowing and growing up with those people, being with them at that time is the way it should be and the way it will be. Leaving you all out is something I didn't want to do in all this, however more is owed in the personal realm.

To everyone here and to all those that will come upon it I wanted to apologize again in closing. I know it won't change the perspective and shadow that had already been cast, but what is due is due. An apology, not a plea. A confession, not an excuse. A changing of ways, not a continuation of the past. And that's where I leave it, to the members, to the community, my most sincere and heartfelt apology. 


FOIA shows that he flunked out of Special Forces Training TWICE and then went AWOL.

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One thought on “Thomas J. Heben , U.S. Army Special Forces POSer , ( Apology enclosed ) Blog of Shame

  1. Jeff says:

    With all the dirt-bags on here, and I’ve read a lot lately. After reading what seems like, probably the most honest apology I’ve read, I respect this guy. He screwed up and I don’t condone it, But he is a bigger man than all those I’ve read about so far.

    82nd ABN DIV, 76-79

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