Tony Evans U.S. Army Special Forces, Airborne Sniper , POSER , Blog of Shame


05/07/2014 by militaryphonies

The only thing on that tattoo that he earned is the parachute badge. Everything else is fake.
FaceBook Account ;

Basic Infantry man with parachute badge. Served during Operation Desert Storm. But did not deploy

4 thoughts on “Tony Evans U.S. Army Special Forces, Airborne Sniper , POSER , Blog of Shame

  1. To clarify, he earned the Basic Airborne badge, NOT the Master blaster wings in his tattoo!


  2. Rebel says:

    For gods sake….it doesn't even look like the real one or is that phony too. Yeah, I'm going to be his best friend;-)


  3. Rebel says:

    Where is this clown? Facebook? Looked and can't find…Help!


  4. Thomas Le Min says:

    He must have been a pretty hardcore private for the Army to send him to the Royal Marines to earn his green beret with them! No, wait… it’s only a hugeass tattoo on his chest. He not only didn’t earn it, he is so shit stupid that he didn’t even realize that the tattoo artist wasn’t drawing a US SF Beret (that he also didn’t earn) on him. What is that abortion on the other side of his chest supposed to be?


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