Richard Pollock , US Navy SEAL, POSER , Blog of Shame


04/08/2014 by militaryphonies

ID_Info: Richard Pollock, DOB Feb 14
1946.Currently resides in Carlisle PA

Only hangs out at two bars, does not have internet access. Everyone in Carlisle, PA that he meets knows the stories and the claims.

He claims to be Navy SEAL, 8 years in Vietnam, Retired from Navy. Claims to have Bronze


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One thought on “Richard Pollock , US Navy SEAL, POSER , Blog of Shame

  1. Jeff morgan says:

    got another poser for you franois McKinnon one of the owners of VIP protective services claims to be navy seal and uses his BS status to solicate work. I personally contacted Blackice security and busted this poser.he operates in ft. Lauderdale to. What a piece of work


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