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03/08/2014 by militaryphonies

He was first exposed back in 2000

   On 19 May 2000, at 19:44, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


 Please assist with this identification: 

 First Lieutenant Steven J. Styblo. Captured Dec. 21, 1973 released

 from “Hanoi Hilton” January 02. 1974.
 This man also claims to have a helicopter maneuver named after him.
 He claims to have put “IT” in an over the top loop evading a 


and taking out the jet by coming back behind his attacker.
The word is that he is trying to become Post Commander

Mike McGrath wrote:

 xxxxxxxxxxxx…You’re right. This guy is a blow-hard who you shouldn’t
 waste too much time on. Definitely a Phony, a Wanna-Be.
 Probably wasn’t even an officer. Very rarely do we find a real officer
 who lies about such things. Most of our 400 or so phonies have a
checkered past such as a less than honorable discharge,
 desertion, court-martial history, or have never even been in the
 military. If you can ever get a look at his driver’s license to get his
 real name and social security number, we can do a FOIA on him
 and find out his real background in about 60 days.
 Attachments will give you more information.
 Thanks for the heads-up on this phony POW.

 Mike McGrath
 President of NAM-POWs
 POW 30 June 67 to 4 March 73

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He used the above documents to become a member of a VFW Post in Arizona. It is also listed that he is claiming POW status & was a prisoner at the Hanoi Hilton.  

VetFriends ; ;
Name: Rv Steven J Styblo      
Birth Date: 20 Jul 1950

                 Well, He ALMOST made it to Basic Training !            

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2 thoughts on “Steven Styblo , US Army / Air Force, Special Forces, Vietnam POW , POSER , Blog of Shame

  1. This is what would otherwise be known as a Piece of Shit. Somebody is doing a piss poor job of vetting these asswipes.

  2. Jeff says:

    Birth day is right, year is wrong but I’m guessing this fellow is no longer stealing the oxygen of our real heroes.

    “Steven Joseph Styblo, of Phoenix, Arizona passed away suddenly on November 3, 2015 with his family near his side. Steven was born on July 20, 1952 in Benton Harbor, Michigan to Steven and Viola (nee Scheaffer) Styblo.”

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