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BLOG UPDATED 15JUL15Includes a series of articles from the blog Writer Cubed and his explanation provided within his “Evidence Site”


Another Facebook Profile for Dennis.

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FaceBook page. To date, He has exposed no posers or embellish-ers ;
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Claiming ribbons & awards in the USAF ( CAP ) . This could possibly be true. But he is not USAF ” Retired ” as he claims.
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acrobat_dc_logo_screen_rgb_48pxDennis Chevalier Texas Private Security Public Info

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Claiming Retired Lt Col, USAF ;
No Record of him ever serving in the USAF !
This ain’t Hell Blog ;

Wanted Poster, This Ain’t Hell ;

The pea brain mind of phony SEALs never ceases to amaze me. The antics, excuses and new things I discover about them is like new advances in science and medicine. The latest trend is phonies outing other phonies and I guess they don’t like the competition; King of the Hill type stuff.
The ugliest phony I’ve ever outed (he’s hideous to look at) routinely calls me and rats out other phonies with complete details on how I can find them and what their claiming.
I was contacted by a guy once who ratted out two phony SEALs at two different VFW’s he was a member of and both phonies were in leadership positions. One had just been voted in as Post Commander of one of those VFW’s the other was part of its ceremonial honor guard. Both resigned in shame.
I received an email shortly after the outing from the former Post Commander who was a little irritated that I outed his friend. He told me I should have a close look at the guy who ratted him out and he sent me his DD-214 that showed him to be a SAR Swimmer during the first Gulf War who received a Silver Star and Purple Heart for his rescue of a downed aviator that he used for VFW membership.
We requested HIS records and they came back today. 5-months in the Navy in 1982 before he was kicked out and 8-years before the Gulf War even began. No Silver Star, no Purple Heart he forged a DD-214 for VFW membership.
A phony who outs other phonies… What’s next???
Lots of guys on Facebook help me out phonies. Masters with keyboards they help track these clowns down and are indispensable. Indispensable except when their phonies themselves and I’m forced to learn another hard lesson.
One Facebook friend was a strange guy. We were friends on Facebook but I didn’t know him outside of that. He posted constantly on my page and when he’d leave a comment he’d “Like” his own comment. Strange…
He claimed he was a Private Investigator, or so he said and he would look up backgrounds on guys I was looking into and send it to me. When I did post a phony it was him who attacked first. After he attacked the phony he begin attacking his family and his attacks were ruthless and vulgar and I’d often tell him to stop and tone it down. There was no good reason to do that, no good reason to go to those lengths and certainly not by a man in his 50’s.
I attacked a phony SEAL once who had a large following of the Tin Hat club; the conspiracy theorist guys and gals and when I attacked their phony leader they LASHED OUT AT ME IN FORCE. The verbal beating they gave me included messages of love and nothing but kind words that I was just ignorant of the fact that he was a Secret SEAL.
I never received a single threat from them…
My Facebook Friend however began posting headless corpses on my Facebook saying they were threats he received from the group and that he had his wife in hiding because of them… I realized then that he was full of shit and got as far away from him as I could but not before I did something stupid that I now regret. It was a letter I wrote as a recommendation for him to get into the Texas State Guard …
I explained in the letter how he helped me out SEAL Imposters and how I though he would benefit the organization in Texas. It was a very flattering and professionally written letter.
Fast forward a year when this clown finally ended his stalking of me for “Un-Friending” him on Facebook. He ended his stalking of me because he had bigger problems, the biggest was he was exposed as a phony Air Force Lieutenant Colonel pilot on the Internet…
I’ll offer a tip for guys exposed as imposters on the Internet… Don’t fight it, you only make it worse when a well-known and reputable organization outs you. They do their homework, they have the proof and 1800 nasty comments later he’s even more famous than when he started blaming his wife for hacking his accounts and posting lies. Oh Boy…

Dennis Chevalier Evidence Site:

Dennis’ attempt to explain and respond to his stolen valor exposure.

Writer Cubed

A provocative series of articles written about Dennis Howard Chevalier by the Writer Cubed blog, shared and linked with permission.

Not a mistaken stolen valor case. Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier implies that the same thing happened to him. The reality? That Marine’s situation, and Dennis’s situation, are different. Denny got called out for his phony veteran claims.

One hot button item that popped up during the exchange between Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier, and This Ain’t Hell, was the fact that he was married six times. As of this post, seven times. His ex-wives, ex-fiancé’s, ex-dates, etc., have described him the same way.

Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier exposes his true colors in this Craigslist post.

Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier insists that the “problem” is with his ex fiance. He asks her if she has figured out if she “needed” help, then offers to help her get it.

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