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01/29/2014 by militaryphonies

 Carl Dale, Aka Captain Carl Dale, Kingston area, Ontario A FAKE solider who has never served a day in his life. Impersonating a PPCLI/ Airborne vet, with a service record that Hollywood could only dream of. He wears Canada and US ribbons and claims to be attached to US Black-ops group work under the personal direction of the Queen and President of the US.

1. He claims to have served in the Canadian military, but when challenged, he states that nobody has heard of him in the Canadian military because he was “on loan” to the US 101st Airborne and served with them for most of his term of service. 2. He claims to be a sniper, and wears the patches on his CAV vest, but two instructors who have served with the  Canadian military for years have never heard of him 3. Last year he claimed to be serving under a “Queen’s Order” and was on loan to the US Military, assisting a Colonel Baker at 29 Palms with a Top Secret plan to conduct an air drop into a country “overseas” . 4. He claimed that Colonel Baker was sending him Top secret satellite photos for his review on his email account (an unsecured internet connection that he was pirating from his neighbor) 4. He often can be seen around town wearing a Captain’s Uniform, and at one point claimed to have been promoted and was, for a few weeks, wearing a Major’s uniform, only to return to the Captain’s uniform. 5. He claimed that Colonel Baker sent a Black-hawk helicopter to Trenton to pick him up for an airdrop over 29 Palms — he was acting as an instructor to the US paratroopers (Cause the US doesn’t have anyone who could do that). He told five people in Kingston that he left at 0700 hours, that it took two hours to get there, they did the drop, and he was home by 7:00 p.m.. When he was asked how he could be in California in two hours, he replied that Black-hawks are really fast and that they don’t have to fly on commercial air routes. 6. He claims that his first mission involved crawling on his belly for three days to get into position to snipe a “Foreign general” in some unknown country, that he was not expected to return from the mission but that he did his job and he was a hero 7. He told everyone he was away for deployment last year on the aforementioned drop into Pakistan — either he is the biggest security risk that the Canadian/US military has ever encountered or he is, as we all now know, a pathological liar. 8. He also claims to have swiped a 50 calibre sniper rifle that he has hidden at his father’s home at Presqu’ile ;
This Ain’t Hell Blog ;
Turns in uniform after being caught and exposed ;
Admits to being an imposter ;


3 thoughts on “Carl Dale, Aka Captain Carl Dale , Canadian Forces Airborne , POSER , Blog of Shame

  1. Joe Boxer says:

    And from my hometown here's another Canadian douche.

  2. It is good to call out these guys. I have no problem doing it

    OK, really how long was this going on? The CF’s are a dog’s breakfast, LOL, would take anyone on who served seconds to realize it is a fraud.

    Then him being in a veterans motorcycle organization, well, that is all on the Veterans Organization for wanting membership numbers and not quality members. They are obviously not doing any do diligence.

    Look at his vest, there are so many glaring things wrong, it should be a drinking game, take a shot when you see something wrong.

  3. Preset21 says:

    I jumped with the Canadian Airborne Regiment in the late 1980's at this multi-nation event they called Ex Coelis (From the Clouds) and received a set of Canadian Paratrooper wings. I was taught something then also. A very minute but distinguishing detail about their wings. Members of the CAR have a white maple leaf in their wings. Anyone else who receives Canadian wings, but have not served in the CAR have the red maple leaf.

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