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01/14/2014 by militaryphonies

No records were found at the National Personnel Records Center

FaceBook Account ;

 He has Airborne and Ranger tattooed on his arms. He couldn’t remember the name of the Drop zone at Ft. Benning that every paratrooper jumps into. 

Charles Lattuca III, Benton, Assault, reckless endangerment ;’s_Log/4717.html
East Tenn. MugShot ;
This Ain’t Hell Blog ;
According to a report filed by deputy David Michaels, he took Charles Lattuca III, 36, into custody after finding pills and suspected marijuana inside his vehicle.

Michaels had performed a traffic stop because the driver of the vehicle had reportedly failed to maintain the correct lane of travel on Benton Pike.

Lattuca gave the deputy consent to search the vehicle and Michaels located what he believed was Carisoprodol, a Schedule IV narcotic. 

He also found a small baggie of suspected marijuana.

Latucca was arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana and possession of Schedule IV narcotics, as well as failure to maintain correct lane. ;–narcotics-suspects-investigated

9 thoughts on “Charles Lattuca III , US Army Ranger , Major , POSER , Blog of Shame

  1. e cook says:

    Geez he has the tattoo…….

  2. MilVet says:

    fuckin A these idiots don't even make this hard anymore

  3. I have a Porter Cable tattoo removal machine with a 4 inch belt.

  4. …..but his rangers know…. : )

  5. Fresh Tattoos. Ah well. Tis' sad really. These people only have a relation in life based on fantasy. That is a scary place to be. Clearly should not have any weapons. A liability for society.

  6. Anyone at anytime can get a tattoo of their choosing. Who cares and why would you spend time looking on Facebook for this. There are things that really don't matter. Anyone can say anything that's what america is all about but at the end of the day he know what he has done or has not done and it's not effecting anyone. I respect TRUE navy seals, SF guys and everyone who does this stuff everyday and those people who try to lie about it know the truth and so do the REAL hero's that really do this job. I just don't understand why you would go on Facebook just to prove what, they are lieing, who cares. shame on them and move on. At the end of the day someone's DD 214 you got from the FOIA doesn't really tell you anything so you can't prove it either way.

  7. Scotty H. says:

    So nice to see you out of jail and commenting on your BoS Charles Lattuca. Pity that you don't have the balls to use your own name in trying to defend yourself.
    The arresting officers at your local sheriff's dept. liked seeing this BoS on you. They remembered all too well the outlandish stories you tried telling them.Yea, you got the tattoo. so that makes you legit huh.. You're a fucking moron boy.
    Also you don't get a dd-214 from a FOIA stupid. A dd-214 is what they hand you upon discharge. A FOIA stands for Freedom of Information Act. Which you receive from the NPRC through a sf-180 form. Of course you don't know this because you have neither POSer !

  8. Hey scotty I just got out and that ain't my post…you guys are wrong…I guess they hand out OEF tags to all posers…your a fucking idiot…bet this lesson in hand to hand I give you will be real

  9. Scotty H. says:

    Okay ” Major ” . Whatever you say. I'm sure all Major's in the Army have bad grammar like yours.

    How about that Ranger Class number tough guy ? You do know what that is, correct ?

    And anytime you wish to conduct hand to hand with me, Bring it on , CONVICT !

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