Doug Blanchard aka Doc. Blanchard US Army Special Forces / Airborne Combat Medic POSER Blog of Shame


12/20/2013 by militaryphonies

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15 thoughts on “Doug Blanchard aka Doc. Blanchard US Army Special Forces / Airborne Combat Medic POSER Blog of Shame

  1. Edward Meeks says:

    I am in awe of these guys who pose…To be able to lie the way they do, they could be Oscar winners in any movies they might appear in

  2. Bruce Horne says:

    Piece of shit form a camels ass

  3. Bruce Horne says:

    They just lie to people that do not know any better. They can't lie to someone who really is or was. They are just a piece of shit from a camels ass!!!!

  4. How long has he been posing? Those tattoos don't look all that old.

  5. He's been posing since at least 2010. He refers to himself as Sgt. Blanchard on one of his posts. I suspect his children and grandchildren think he's some badass warrior type, never suspecting that the guy is a complete fraud and liar.

  6. John Hlavaty says:

    wow, what a fucking loser!!!! Guess he “borrowed” the tatt pictures from someone else also!!!!!

  7. My hero has another talent:

    PRESCRIPTION FRAUD: A volunteer at the Healing Hands Medical Clinic has been arrested on charges he wrote fraudulent prescriptions using forms from the clinic, a police report said.
    Between December 1997 and July, 61 fraudulent prescriptions were filled at Kmart and Eckerd pharmacies, police said. They were all in the names of members of a Westside family.
    In May, a Kmart pharmacist called the doctor whose named appeared to be signed on a prescription and learned it was fraudulent. When they checked records, pharmacists found the other fraudulent prescriptions.
    Police said the prescriptions were paid for with Medicaid and personal insurance.
    Douglas Joseph Blanchard, 42, of the 5500 block of 118th St., turned himself in to police Friday. He is charged with Medicaid fraud, grand theft, forgery and uttering a forged instrument.

  8. They are it is very surprising, I can't believe anyone that would do anything like that. And how many posts he had been putting on there about his “Military Memory”

  9. Belinda Bee says:

    While we all have a right to be angry, there is a reason folks do this. Whether it is need for attention, feels of less than or whatever. I know one thing, I will pray for this guy and not add hate to the list of hate I saw on his page. I would NEVER want to be the cause of someone harming themselves. He does need to admit his lies, but not to me. That is between him and His God if he has one. The hate seen towards this man on his page is pretty harsh.

  10. katmicjus says:

    I see it as Karma. I was on a vets site and he was one of TWO that attacked and questioned my service. Needless to say others jumped on the band wagon. I had no reason to “defend” myself. Not a member of that site anymore, but glad someone found out the truth about this guy….KARMA

  11. katmicjus says:

    I hope this is true…..Karma

  12. suesido says:

    He is still at it, as of this morning, and under his “revamped” facebook account. The following was sent to him by a fellow veteran who still has access to Blanchard:

    ” I was unable to post this on his page, so I sent it in a message. I was tempted to make him aware of some other things but after some thought. I'd much rather wait for the surprise and the following report on the local news”.. “To be SURE that you are aware, we know that your service was ended after 4 months and your rank was PV1. We have a redacted copy of your DD214 by use of the FOIA. I think that your posing as a combat medic, Viet Nam Vet, and 500 (REALLY) jumps, sends a message to all that know you and this is the act of a through and through to the bone,pure coward. I recall the conversations that we had on campus so do not even try to deny any of this..By the way, Viet Nam was over with before you joined and consequently FAILED Basic training. WOW, this is a brand new form of low.You really need to publically admit your misrepresentations. At least ONCE in your life, be a man. Be warned, ANYTHING that you send back to me will be placed on the POSER entry concerning you so be VERY careful. You personally know that I am not playing. You sir, are disgusting”…

  13. All poseurs have at least one aspect in common: Undiagnosed personality disorders. Some are sociopaths, some are schizophrenics, some are going through a “mid life crisis”, but all are delusional. They start off watching movies and reading books, and become them. They have no ability to differentiate between reality and fantasy. This isn't just a sad story, this is becoming a epidemic in society. I dont believe it is as easy as admitting to a lie, it is who the brain thinks they are. So much to the point of delusional schizophrenic personality.

  14. What is particularly interesting is that it seems so damned many of them were in only four months and then got sh*t-canned. That REALLY strikes me.

  15. snuffyny says:

    The minute I read that he was TAD while in the army was enough to expose him as a poser.

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