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12/08/2013 by militaryphonies

Updated 12/1/2015 – E-mail from Senior Chief Don Shipley


Showing Gold Service Stripes for 20 years of  service. Rocker Arm is different color than the lower stripes. Displaying Medals & Ribbons  that are not listed on his FOIA. Claiming Chief Petty Officer Rank.

 This Ain't Hell

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Original image on left, altered image on right

 This Ain't Hell part 2

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Bernath Continues

Wearing unearned CPO Rank.

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 Daniel Bernath Facebook PageDaniel Bernath Facebook Page ; https://www.facebook.com/daniel.a.bernath?fref=ts


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 Daniel Bernath Website 1

Bernath Website ; http://www.aspecialdayguide.com/

Daniel Bernath Website 2

Daniel Bernath Website 2; http://www.aspecialdayguide.com/shyster/index.htm

Daniel Bernath Website 3;http://www.extremesealexperience.us/

 Plagiarizing Don Shipley

Plagiarizing U.S. Navy SEAL BMCS Don Shipley

E-mail Exchange between Dan Bernath and Senior Chief Don Shipley:

I’m pushed by Dan Bernath only because of who I am, and I respond only because he attacks my wife of 35-years. What I find is a whole bunch of nothing in Florida. A coward in Ft Myers who attacks women, my wife, my female employees, to get a rise outta me and hides behind a keyboard and a cheap law degree and who’s only contribution to this nation was as a photographer with less that three and a half years on Naval Service. Less than THREE and a half years…

A clown who peers through the shutters in his filthy house, hides behind his wife, and threatens. A run-away who puts a pistol on his side as a sick and deranged bluff for my wife, a SEAL wife and mother, that goes nowhere as she doesn’t back down…

And today… When Daniel Alan Bernath can show off his disbarred lawyer stuff and bring the wrath of the law down on me in front of the legal system in Florida, he choses to show up WAY early and get a judge to continue his bullshit and dart from the building before we even arrive because he is a cowards coward.

I have all my possessions, my training course weapons, my house, my vehicles, and my reputation intact and I’ll show everyone that many times the pen is not mightier than the sword.

This time… I will ask for help from “everyone” instead of Diane and myself and our stolen valor friends fighting this spineless legal coward alone.

Every subscriber, every fan, every person and their families who have been stolen from by these gutless military imposters I will ask for help from.

Every kid with a keyboard, every adult with a pen, and everybody with any influence whatsoever I will ask for help so I can continue my work exposing imposters and not be distracted by this mindless silly, billy-bastard.

It’s about to get interesting around here.

Please spread the word to watch my YouTube Channel, my Facebook, and every other outlet I have as I begin a cyber beating of Dan Bernath few have ever experience, or witnessed, for his stealing from disabled children who depend on us, SEAL Phonies that need busted, and his despicable distractions from charities we support having to deal with this lumpy sack of dick-shit.

Don Shipley. BUD/S 131, SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team Two. The guy who did NOTHING to Dan Bernath…
Owner Extremesealexperience.com

From: Daniel Bernath
Sent: Monday, June 8, 2015 2:23 PM

To: Don Shipley ; Dallas Wittgenfeld ; Mark Seavey
Subject: my SEAL budweisr is here/now on my hat

just above my CPO emblem.
I’m so lonely.
1319 Kingswood ct, Ft Myers Florida

  Senior Chief Don Shipley (USN,RET) & Navy SEAL visits Daniel Bernath

*Only the MCPON can approve a Honorary CPO*

Guidance on Honorary Chief Petty Officer ; 


National Defense Service Medal ( Listed ).US Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon ( Listed ). Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation ( Gallantry Cross Medal with Palm ) Gold Framed ( NOT LISTED )
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.. Listed on his FOIA 
Vietnam Service Medal and Korean National Defense Service Medal. Both are listed on his FOIA . The KDSM was not invented until 2002 
Air Crew Wings are not listed on his FOIA

Veterans History Project Interview 2007 ; http://lcweb2.loc.gov/diglib/vhp/story/loc.natlib.afc2001001.72600/transcript?ID=sr0001
Bernath Website ; http://www.aspecialdayguide.com/

Bernath LinkedIn Account


Bernath LinkedIn Account

Date of  Birth ; Ancestry.com
Bernath VA Info

Accredited VA Attorney Info NOTE: Military Phonies Website does NOT recommend this attorney.

He is not eligible to practice law. Click for details.

Daniel Bernath Google Profile

One of his professional Google Profiles

VFW Post 3452 ;http://www.tualatinvfw.com/biography/comrade-daniel-a-bernath/

Information is from the official records of The State Bar of California

Disciplinary Charges Filed against Daniel Bernath

Supreme Court of Oregon.
IN RE: the Application of Daniel Alan BERNATH, for Admission to the Oregon State Bar.SC S4486 Decided: July 24, 1998 “…we conclude that applicant has not proved that he possesses the requisite good moral character and fitness to practice law in this state. Accordingly, we deny applicant admission to the practice of law in the State of Oregon.”

Oregon Live Article

Competitors call him a crank, a chronic whiner and client poacher, although he differs about such characterizations.


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