William George Hackler US Army Vietnam Special Forces, POW , Poser Blog of Shame


11/27/2013 by militaryphonies

VFW Post 7854

Altering the POW List to include his name

The actual POW roster ; http://www.nampows.org/nampowslist.html

Exposed MugShots.com ; http://virginia.exposedmugshots.com/arrest/William-George-Hackler-8805

Fake dd-214

Fake dd-214 

 CIB with Star which means at least Korea and then Vietnam. Unlikely unless he is older than he claims.


Starting at the top…

Bronze Star…Purple Heart…POW Medal…Army GCM…NDSM…Vietnam Service 

And one unknown

He is also claiming Jump Master & Special Forces

Fake SSN

Goggle plus account ; https://plus.google.com/u/0/113477073021923474846/posts
This ain’t Hell Blog ; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=38646

4 thoughts on “William George Hackler US Army Vietnam Special Forces, POW , Poser Blog of Shame

  1. way to go Bill! Not only is he a phony but he is also married to two women. one in Tn and one in va at the same time…. his dmv hearing is Tuesday with 4 more felony's to be added to the picture…..He wiped out the bank account of over 38,000.00 of his supposed to be wife's inheritance in Christiansburg va and still trying to sue her for 25,000.00 for marital support! Really? he is not even really married to her.


  2. hey that is not all…. he has faked his own death, spent time in a va prison for making fake payroll checks and screwed people over by getting jobs with a fake education diplomas….


  3. What is fake about the DD-214? It seems to match the FOIA summary.


  4. Scotty H. says:

    It isn't a standard dd-214 & the SSN on the dd-214 isn't his.


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