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Cleveland Scene. Nov 8, 2011

“Ranger-gate. There probably wasn’t a more colorful personality on the campaign trail than David Hack. A decorated former Army officer, owner of a military supply store, and candidate for Hudson’s mayor’s office, Hack landed in the crosshairs about his military background. Turns out, somehow people got the idea he was an Army Ranger, when, according to documents dug up by WKYC’S Eric Mansfield, he only trained members of the elite unit. How did folks get that idea? It might have had something to do with photos of Hack sporting the unit’s distinct garb, and that he called himself a retired Ranger in his autobiography, as well as online. Hack claimed it was all a misunderstanding (someone else wrote the autobiography; he was just modeling the outfit; etc.), and then promptly sued the station, his incumbent opponent, and 25 John Does, perhaps the actual Ranger who let Hack borrow their clothes and pinky swore never to tell.

The whole situation came to a boil in this clip, when Hack holds a press conference but refuses to answer questions; as he bolts from the scene, Mansfield trails behind, barking “Come on Sarge, when are you going to come clear about your military service?” while the military man continues to be stone-faced and silent under a pair of aviators. Awkward, but absolutely worth watching.” – Kyle Swenson

Hack's Untrue Report

Hack said there are accurate portions of the book about his childhood but inaccuracies regarding his Army career. “There was a lot of fluff,” he said. Also at issue is a 1993 Beacon Journal photograph of Hack, taken when he was living in Florida and showing him wearing a beret with a Ranger insignia and a jacket inscribed with the words, “U.S. Army Ranger, David Hack, Member NEC.” The caption on the photograph said he was a member of the National Executive Committee of the U.S. Army Rangers and that he was posing in front of his awards and medals at his home in Fort Myers. Among the numerous items in the shadow box are patches from Special Forces and the 101st Airborne, a Combat Infantryman Badge containing a star, a Purple Heart and a Ranger Tab. However, a Combat Infantryman Badge with a star is given only to those who have served as infantry in two wars. There also is a Hack name tag on the left side of the shadow box.
Hack said Thursday that the patches and awards were not his but were only examples of the kinds of military materials sold in his Sgt. Hacks Military Casuals store in Florida. “This picture represented what we sold at the store,” he said, and not his personal awards as suggested in the caption. And he said the only reason his name tag was there was to show customers that his store also made name tags. Hack said he does not refer to himself as a Ranger. He explained that he had previous experience in the Coast Guard, and when he joined the Army he was sent to Ranger school at Eglin Air Force Base to help with amphibious training. “I was teaching small boats,” he said.
Now 71, he operates a military clothing store in Hudson called US Wings. ‘I am not a phony’

U.S. Wings 1999, Internet Archive Wayback Machine
This Ain’t Hell Blog ; 


hack returns

Legal Threats

This Ain’t Hell Blog – The Hack Returns ; 


Hudson Hub Times Video Hack Interview October 17, 2011

Interview with David Hack October 21, 2011 640 WHLO Akron, OH

640 WHLO Interview with David Hack OCTOBER 21, 2011

Summit County, OH Lawsuit Case # CV-2011-10-5828

“EXHIBIT 5” – Life of a Warrior Welcome Home!

Exhibit 5 Source:

State of Indiana Settlement for “Life of a Warrior”

Indiana Chronological Case Summary for Cause 18C04-0811-SC-2472_Page_1 Indiana Chronological Case Summary for Cause 18C04-0811-SC-2472_Page_2

LOAWlegaldoc (1)_Page_1LOAWlegaldoc (1)_Page_2


Claiming to confer a PhD while attending Army Ranger training. EXHIBIT 5 from Summit County Lawsuit Case Number: CV-2011-10-5828 LIFE OF A WARRIOR WELCOME HOME!

EXHIBIT 5 from Summit County Lawsuit Case Number: CV-2011-10-5828 LIFE OF A WARRIOR WELCOME HOME!, Page 15


David Hack’s statement on Amazon.com regarding the PhD referenced in his book:

“Amazing that this book doesn’t say he was an Army Ranger, but rather an Army Ranger Instructor, and it does not mention a PHD”
Posted  Jan 28, 2016 10:00:20 AM PST

Amazon Comment

First of Four Marriages:

NOTE: Denise Hack Case and David Denny Hack are his children from his first of four marriages.

NOTE: According to his adult children, Sgt Hack does NOT acknowledge their existence and offered these pictures as proof. Sgt Hack attended his first daughter’s wedding and that was their last communication.

Elysia Fisher, Sgt Hack’s granddaughter



Elysia Fisher

DD214 Chronicles Simple Question: Was David Hack a Ranger, as He Claims, or Was He Not?

David Hack, PhD? Just terminology!

“I was so upset by this news coverage of the false allegations that I have trademarked a name, ‘reputation vindication’ and am working with a high-powered lawyer to have something created that will not allow someone to ruin another’s reputation by publicizing lies about them online,” said Hack. He said he ran for mayor of Hudson because he thought his business experience and worldwide contacts would help the city economically. He said he never would have run if he knew he would be the victim of what he called a “smear campaign.” 

Hudson Life Feb 2014; Article on Hack



7 thoughts on “David Hack, US Army Special Forces POSER Blog of Shame

  1. Lash LaRue says:

    He was even wearing a fake beret in his old black & white family photo. I would love for him to show up anywhere, anytime, with his “high-powered lawyer”.

  2. Denise Hack says:

    How can David Hack claim honesty and integrity when he hasn’t acknowledged his children from his first marriage of four marriages? He has had nothing to do with us. He left our mother as a single parent who raised us with no help from him. Sgt Hack is a sad man, as he has disowned his own children: Denise A, David D Jr, and Michael Hack. We are the oldest of his children. Sgt Hack left us when our mother was giving birth to Michael in the hospital. He was having an affair at the time. We now have a half-sister named Maria. Again, he claims honesty, but judging from the lawsuit, his book is full of lies. I did not meet Sgt Hack until 1982, and that was the last I saw of my so-called “father” Sgt Hack is NOT and honest man and is a scam.

    • Denise Hack says:

      Sgt Hack can’t cover this up. This man is a Scam. Sgt Hack is Not Honest by no means.

  3. Elysia says:

    I am one of David Hack’s grandchildren, I have never met the man or even spoken to him. I essentially do not exist considering he claimed my mom died in a car crash when she was a child. I do exist, so does my daughter, I believe he should acknowledge his first family, show that he truly has those family values he claims he has.

  4. Denise Hack says:

    Sgt Hack, needs to be Stop, all he does lie to everyone. WHY do people believe him so easily? He has caused some much pain to my family. Why can’t some one stop this scam that Sgt Hack has caused?

    • The Army Rangers know he wasn’t a Ranger, and he has backtracked to the point of publishing a new book – which he intends to make into a movie. Any member of the Sgt Hack’s family is welcome to comment; thank you for reaching out to Military Phonies.

  5. Jason Raines says:

    What kind of joke site are you running? I came across the Hack story the first time just now, and ya’ll are nothing but bashers with NO clue to factual military requirements. First, he was assigned to a ranger training unit as a trainer. Guess what? Army Regulation 670-1 states he can wear the Ranger beret and tab! Second his awards are plain, clearly shows Vietnam, even a purple heart. And was even awarded a second purple heart. Which means he was injured in combat TWICE. The dude didn’t have a PhD – whatever. But as a RANGER I’ll call bullshit on you for trying to claim crap. FYI – you can present any unit award from any unit you were assigned to in a shadow box,

    Now get your heads out of your rears, retract ANY statements about the man not being able to wear the Ranger Beret and go read Army Regulation 670-1 Section 4 paragraph B where it Specifically says ” Any Ranger Training Brigade” – which the very documents you post clearly says he was assigned to. The man was literally the top recruiter, was awarded not one but TWO purple hearts, and COULD WEAR RANGER BERETS AND TABS! Here’s another FYI for you. My OWN father lost almost all his records in the fire as well. We spent 3 years piecing together his file. He was a friggin Green Beret and yet his file didn’t reflect it! We had to get certified documents signed by his trainers and records at Bragg, Benning to petition for his record to be corrected. Another FYI, he’s wearing a 1st Infantry patch. Which means after corrections and applied common sense HE WOULD have been able to wear a Combat Infantry Badge! (That whole Vietnam and 2 purple hearts thing) This entire article is pure BS bashing. Maybe you don’t like him, and maybe he’s lied about a PHD. But he had an honorable service, was combat wounded twice, was authorized to wear the Ranger Beret as well. And let me tell ya brother, if you’ve worn it, we’ll have your back. So now that you discredit your website with bandwagon hater bashing instead of factual research – you should make a redaction. Wanna test me to see if I’m real – Go for it Brother

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