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09/15/2013 by militaryphonies

 13B non combat cannon crew-member claiming 5 combat tours to OEF & OIF. Claims of earning two Silver Stars, Two Bronze Stars, & Three Purple Hearts. 
 Claims US Army Ranger Recon doing recon missions for Special Forces & collecting intel for assault teams. 

Letter of apology to his supervisor for an altercation with someone. 

Letter of apology to the Host of the conference where he had the altercation 

Claims that he is a 10yr disabled combat veteran that served with the 75th Rangers.
Only served 2.5yrs with the 327th Inf. – never with Rangers – and was chartered out prior to completing his 3yr enlistment. 
Please see attached docs that he has written and sent to his current employer (owner and immediate supervisor) as well as a business associate. 

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3 thoughts on “Steven L. Dan, U.S. Army Ranger Poser Blog of Shame

  1. oldjarhead says:

    no one wants to be hero cooks or admin support? why?

  2. Small World says:

    This guy is still at it!! Works for Housh Home Energy in Monroe, OH… Boasts his Ranger elite status and people believe him due to his numerous tattoos and gun collection. He even has fake military pics of him and tells anyone who listens about his 3 Purple Hearts 2 Bronze Stars and 2 Silver Stars. This guy is the biggest clown around… He’s a professional con artist who even tells police and court officials his lies about his military past.

  3. Small World says:

    Here’s his newest resume where he claims to have a degree from the University of Georgia and also claims to have been a SFC SERGEANT leading troops. This has to be breaking a law somewhere… His lies and false documents hopefully will get him behind bars soon!

    Keep in mind that Steven Dan has a GED and was chartered out of the military for excessive weight gain!! Look at this resume he actually has out on the Internet! Guess all that talk and all those tattoos really fool people.. Clown!

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