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08/25/2013 by militaryphonies

RCF, Ft. Lewis, WA”

While not an abbreviation found in AR 600-8-104, that entry appears to translate:

“June 7, 1994 
Regional Correctional Facility, Fort Lewis, Washington”

Followed by:

B Brty, PCF, Ft. Sill, OK”

which appears to translate:

“February 26, 1995 
Casual [no duty assignment]
Personnel Control Facility
Fort Sill, Oklahoma”

So it looks like eight months confinement, that could be the result of either a 
Special Court-Marital (empowered to adjudge a Bad Conduct Discharge), or a
General Court-Martial. 

Thereafter he would be “assigned” to a personnel control facility
for paperwork purposes while either a Bad Conduct Discharge or a Dishonorable
Discharge was subject to automatic review by the Army appellate court(s). 

Then the conviction and sentence affirmed and discharge effective January 19, 1996.

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  1. Come on up here to Silverdale and I'll let you have a face to face with a real SF SGM you Poser Piece of Sh*t.

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