Carroll J. Bryant , US Navy SEAL Poser Blog of Shame


06/12/2013 by militaryphonies

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This Ain’t Hell Blog :

This is his response to why he can’t be found;

When my career ended, there were several security issues surrounding my service and what had happened on a specific op… i (and the govt went through great lengths to ensure i was “erased” from specop service..i at time went along with…due to my becoming disenfranchised by things we all had learned our govt was into… during our service…i have always held that i am not responsible to validate myself in any regard to any person..i know what and who i am..and you or any other person can take that at face value of the alternative(ur choice)

Charged with Theft & Drug Trafficking

2 thoughts on “Carroll J. Bryant , US Navy SEAL Poser Blog of Shame

  1. Good Job…

  2. oldjarhead says:

    bet his re-breather is attached to a hooka pipe full of maryjane!!!

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