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02/07/2013 by militaryphonies

Claiming Medical personal

Claiming Active Duty Army with 3 diff. combat deployments 

Being discharged from the National Guard with a re-3 Misconduct re-enlistment code 

Claiming Tab Ranger with the 75th Regt & WTF is a 91wM6VW1 MOS ? 

Claiming Ranger & Combat Medic in Afghanistan 

6 months & 28 days total served. No prior service & no Foreign or Sea service . Was discharged a PFC with the 68W10 Health Care Specials with 0 yrs & 0 months in his MOS 

Was discharged while still on Active Duty Training 

Admitting that he was never a Ranger 

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/voiceofwarriors/2013/01/09/reaching-out-to-our-veterans 46:55 this is where Jason Conley  started spewing his lies big time 

https://www.facebook.com/jason.conley.35912 Jason Conlry’s Facebook account 

45 thoughts on “Jason Conley, US Army Ranger Medic POSER Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I are both Iraq Vets and just wanted to say Thanks for exposing this fraud.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im so glad these guys are being exposed! For the guys who DID serve this country and gave thier lives and body parts and sanity for this country! Posers NEED to be stopped and exposed! Thanks for posting this! Anyone who is a poser has NO HONOR!

  3. Anonymous says:

    From a Veteran (Australian) of both Iraq & Afghanistan:
    That is sickening!
    Bloody Bastard ..
    There is a special place in hell for imposters like this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know this man personally, and I honestly have to question the validity of this site. I mean, who is this guy that he can pull up this info? And where did he even get it from? I know this man. He's a good guy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anyone can do a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get these documents. Jason Conley is the only fraud here as you can see above!

  6. I too know this man, personally have sat down and talked to him and he is a good guy, saying he was a ranger and he's not yes I see that being true, serving over seas also maybe not true can't really say I don't really know, but he still joined in time of war and is indeed a veteran maybe not a VFW but a veteran non the less. I have had the fucked up opportunity to meet some legit fakes and he really is a great guy, I can't see this being him…honestly kind of shocking….

  7. Anonymous says:

    He served for 6 months and 28 days, listening to that radio show… wow… no integrity – good guys are supposed to have integrity.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I too Know this man, and I think what you are doing here is pure Bullying over a little white lie.
    Everyone tells lies, this man is a good man, an honorable person.

    I think this is complete BS that you hang out your fellow brothers to dry over moments of stupid decision making.

  9. fuck fakes and he is one… real soldiers do what they gotta do… Let me ask this question… Do u depend on him to have ur back or defend ur country? real recognize real

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, good guys are supposed to be perfect. Right. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….Never mind, I guess that ship has sailed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    what a piece of bull dung… good job Thats not a little white lie annon and annon Thats STOLEN VALOR… every one wants the glory ( bet you embellish too ) but no one wants to pay the price paid to have the right to claim RANGER except those who truly earned the right. RLTW. Will be posting this to Rangers in VT… I bet they'd love to take him out for “tea”. Also, it's not bullying.. thats pure leftwing bullshit..

  12. Anonymous says:

    He didn't just do a little lie. He went onto many military sites and organizations. He committed fraud. People who serve deserve not to have their honor tarnished. HE said he went to Afghanistan, 3 tours! He didnt. He talked to people with PTSD and counseled them falsely. I guess you think its ok for people to dispense medical advice and treat people who are not doctors either. It's sick.

  13. Paperwork doesn't lie… Thats definitely Military paperwork… lol.. You all need to be real and not be anonymus if ur gonna back up a shitbag like that.

  14. A few of you say you know him personally? For how long may I ask? He used to be my STEP FATHER! He is not A GOOD GUY! He's a liar, he's a drug abuser, and he's an alcoholic. In the 12 years he lived in my home married to my mother, he was nothing but verbally and mentally abusive to my younger sister and I. He joined to get better, but he did exactly what he had always done, use and abuse and he got caught, he's not a Vet in any sense of the word, he didn't even get a duty station and he barely finished AIT before being caught. You think you know that he's a good guy, it's a bunch of crap. I lived with him for 12 years, you had maybe an hour long conversation with him. My Grandfather served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, was a Col. in the Air Force HE IS A VETERAN. My Boyfriend did his first tour in Afghanistan in 2011 HE IS A VETERAN. Jason IS NOT! This isn't a white lie, this is a big lie, a fraudulent lie, as he's taken money from organizations and people, with the story that he's some war hero and he's not. He's a bum drug addict with nothing better to do, than to con people into thinking hes something he's not. He lied to my family about who he was, cheated on my mother, brought drugs into a house with small children, has been fired from every job he's ever had. He's nothing but a first class loser!

  15. How long have you known him for? Because he was my step father, I lived with him for 12 years. He's not a good guy at all. Never has been, never will be. And it's disgusting that you say he's a veteran, because he's not, 6 months in the service gets you no where. You hardly have a rank after 6 months.

  16. Rose K. says:

    I met him through my niece. He seemed fragile. Was forthcoming about addiction, though, and seemed to be making some progress cleaning up. I wish he would answer these charges. (He can respond here, right?)
    At least own up if it's all true. It's out, now apologize to everyone you lied to.

  17. cakmakli says:

    He's not a Veteran Chelsea. He was kicked out for misconduct after only six months. In my opinion that pulls Veteran card.

  18. Kelli Asherman says:

    Why in the hell are some of you fcking idiots trying to cover for this douchebag…it is all there in BLACK and WHITE!!! He is a liar and a fraud. He is NOT a Veteran and he is NOT a good guy!! He was trying to help people in a PTSD group on Facebook that I am a member of, for Veterans and Active Duty!! This dude doesn't have PTSD!! People trusted HIM because they believed all the bullshit he made up!!! And for whatever retard above that said he told “a little white lie”???? You, little girl, need your head checked. This was NOT a little white lie. This was a HUGE lie, ALL of it. Six months in the military gets you fcking nowhere…oh, yeah and he can't get his records because his SISTER has them??? Yeah, right, now I have heard it all…that is one of the oldest lines a scammer will tell you…”my records are lost” “my records were lost in a fire” all kinds of bullshit!! NO ONE should defend this guy!! He did this shit all on his own and now he will have to face the music…hahaha…actually, that's pretty funny seeing that our famous Army Ranger homo is playing a guitar!!!! I was a Navy Corpsman and I was married to a Navy SEAL and I will tell you one thing for sure…someone WILL get a hold of this guy and he will be sorry for all the lies he told…REAL SOLDIERS absolutely HATE a fraud; especially when they have worked so fcking hard to get where they are and have some little pansy-ass wanna be spew his shit all over the internet! Just read what his poor step-daughter said…I totally believe her, why would she HAVE to lie??? And thing to those of you who think this moron will “answer the charges” and “apologize”?? Really?? Don't hold your breath, the man is a coward and a phony and a fraud! His step-daughter said he used his made up military status to fleece people out of their money and who knows what else he has done!!! So don't defend this douchebag, unless you are smoking crack, at least you will have an excuse as to why you are lacking full use of your brain.

  19. outdoorspro says:

    Brother? Really? This guy is no brother of mine. This is not a “moment” of stupid decision making, but a lifetime.

    There are many people who wash out of the military for many different reasons. In the long run, no big deal. It happens. People screw up and most of them learn from it. Hell, the military certainly isn't for everyone.

    On the other hand, to continue through life to lie and deceive people, and honorable organizations by trying to prop yourself up as something you are not and never have been is not and never has been a “little white lie”.

    By definition, he is not an “honorable” person. You might try looking that word up sometime. It is an actual word with an actual meaning.

    Brother my ass.

  20. Thats the way he is, he is always forthcoming about a problem people can clearly see, and he gets just enough help to make you believe that he's getting better, and then blows it. Before he fled New Hampshire he was in a rehab program, there long enough to get clean enough, left for a weekend leave that he earned and never went back. When he was brought into my home he had a drug and alcohol problem. to the point where I (5-6 years old at the time) would wake up in the morning to find him drunk, passed out, and naked on my bedroom floor. That is all I have ever known that man to be. He hasn't changed and I don't think he ever will.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I'm from Vermont…I serve in the Air Guard…those 10th mountain boys…if they knew this tool was trying to claim this shit…let's just say there wouldn't need to be a judiciary system. What an asshole.

  22. The Chief says:

    Wow…How can you say he's a veteran after serving 6 months and not compying to any standards of the military. I'm guessing Conley wrote this himself. He was totally unprofession in all aspects of his “military” service. He totally lied about his accompishments. He accomplished nothing! You are clueless Chelsea!

  23. Anonymous says:

    with a GT of 130 you'd figure that this winner would know better…

  24. G1rlVeteran says:

    Un befuckin lievable! This in no “little white lie”. Shit, if his long trail of heinous, appalling bullshit! No wonder you posted as “anonymous”!

  25. jG1rlVeteran says:

    It seems like the ones who spend the most time posting their “proof” of their many feats of bravery and selfless courage in the face of death… somehow they are the most fake of all the “Bravo Foxtrots” trolling the web to pray upon proud and humble real veterans, everyday becoming more proficient at stealing whatever information they feel is needed to continue their pathetic charade a little longer. Furthermore, it is especially blatent liars like this fucktard who go the the extremes to protect their fragile fantasy from exposure that become the most billigerant, and indignant when someone dares to question their “integrity”…

  26. Rose K. says:

    I am so sorry, Mariah. No little girl should have to live like that.

  27. Rose K says:

    I wish there was a “like” button for a lot of these comments….

  28. Anonymous says:

    I just dont understand why Stolen Valor hasn't posted this nor is it on their guardians of valor site yet and its been well over a month. You would think after all the work, you would want to get the word out.

  29. Anonymous says:

    You can believe that he is a “good guy” all you want. The records and his own statements prove that he is a dishonorable liar who will try to take credit for service that he has not rendered. This sight is not personally attacking anyone, it is merely bringing the truth to light. If I claim to be something and they look into the records and see that what I am claiming is true, then there is no issue. The losers listed here have issues getting their records to back up their claims. Nice guys or not.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Why hav'nt this guy come forward on his own behalf to prove his claims? Or why has no one that served with him come forward to put validity on his claims. If I were in this position, I would be scrambling to provide records that prove what I have been telling everyone. But than, If I were a soiled veteran combat medic. with 3 tours of duty, purple hearts and suffering from ptsd. I would not have talked so freely about my experiences over seas. Provide Records already.!!!! MAN-UP!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    obviously because he can't. Joined the military, went through basic and AIT, got home and got kicked out for drugs…end of story.

  32. Anonymous says:

    After being confronted with this article. The man denies these accusations are true. I can give anyone the benefit of dought. However. Providing records of military service will be needed to allow me to believe his story, or anything else he says, for that matter. He has yet to provide anything to support his claims, that he is a former Army ranger combat medic, veteran with 3 tours of duty, with purple heart medals, and suffering from ptsd. It is hard for me to look at this man the same way as prior to seeing this site and no proof to back himself up. That is, if I can look at him at all.———-Napa Cal.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I grew up knowing Jason, what a shame get your shit together.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Liar Liar,,,,, Pants on Fire !!!!! Get Right or Get Burned !!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I started a conversation with Jason via a comment on Cup of Joe for a Joe: Greenbeans Coffee (their facebook page) photo. He claimed he was on his 4th deployment to Afghanistan and that he was a Ranger Combat Medic. He said he did 8 years and was medically discharged for PTSD and TBI. That was back in 2010. He was living in New Hampshire at the time and when he was leaving comments on his facebook page about being on the verge of homelessness, I paid for a hotel room for him to stay in for 5 days so he wouldn't be “living under a bridge.” I also Western Unioned him money to get food for those 5 days he was at the hotel. I must have spent at LEAST $500 on the hotel room alone. Did he ever pay me back? No. I told him not to worry about paying me back, either because I was thinking “he's my brother in arms…” Meanwhile, I'm a single mom (and a USAF vet) and it SICKENS me that he lied about being a ranger, a combat medic, the amount of years he served, his # of deployments, and the fact that he would tell me about his symptoms he suffered from PTSD. I was medically discharged for PTSD from MST on my deployment. I don't need for some douchebag to be preying on vets with lies about what they “may” have done in service. (and he was very active in facebook groups for Military with PTSD) PTSD and other medical issues that veterans from OIF/OEF (and ANY war for that matter) have to deal with when coming back from deployments is REAL and lying about this makes me sick to my stomach…

  36. Anonymous says:

    His B.S. story was presented to him a few months back. His reply was that someone is out to get him and making all this up. He claimed that all he has told about his past is true. When enough people questioned him about this site, the pressure got to him enough to make him. “Come Clean” as he calls it. I call it. “You got caught” Now stand and testify. He claims he never received any money from his pity pot bull shit story.Nor do I think that most of the people realize how far he went with this stolen valor scheme. PTSD,can't work. Represented himself on a Facebook page that helps vets with ptsd as a former combat medic with ptsd. Went on a radio talk show called Voice of the Warrior and Lied to thousands of people at once. Saying our Government turned there back on him. Its all there in this site. If this man took money from you under False Pretence . By God he owes you that money, You can reach him @ 707-812-9618. Napa Ca. 94558

  37. Anonymous says:

    I know that this is not an isolated case. Just how many more people out there were takin advantage of by this Amatuer, Bush Leauge, Confidence Man. Come forward people. Make this Con Man pay back his Dept to Society. -Retired Army Ranger-

  38. Anonymous says:

    I know there has to be a lot more people out there who have given this Rank Amateur, Low Life, Confidence Man, money. From there “Hearts” Come forward people. Make this Con Man Pay back his Dept to Society, -Retired Army Ranger-

  39. Anonymous says:

    Misrepresentation, for profit is a “Crime”. This man is a Con Man. And a shitty one at that. I hope that more people come forward to expose him even further. Its time for him to get real, and get right. Time to Pay the Piper, and Come Clean, for real, this time. Grow a set of Balls. -Retired Army Ranger-

  40. Jason is my x husband. He currently has an arrest warrant out in the State of NH for owing me 37,000.00. I want to pursue this in California with the Sister State Act, but I need a valid address to get him served. He has lied to me about his father dying in Vietnam, he didnt. He even had us all go to the Vietnam wall in DC to look for his name when he knew he was alive and well in CA. He told us he was born in Quallah Boundry,Cherokee Nation in NC., and too many other lies to keep up with. He had several affairs on me and believe it or not most of us are fiends now as he duped them as well for money, time, comfort or what ever. He trolls for another woman while having one, in case he gets caught so he has a place to move onto.

    If he has conned anyone here, I really suggest you call you local prosecutor's office and get him on Stolen Valor with Fraud. He needs to be locked up as there are many victims out there now, most of us are women. He needs to be stopped, People! I am hoping that Stolen Valor puts this up on their facebook site. Why they havent is beyond me as he is continuing to troll on facebook for his next victim.

  41. Scotty H. says:

    I sent you a friend request & a message on F/B Laura MacPherson

  42. yes he has, please read below about him as he is my x husband. He took off and had a woman waiting and started his lies. He has ripped off several women and several organizations. He does need to pay.

  43. Catherine Chapman says:

    I met Jason 3 years ago through the “Cup of Joe for a Joe” page on Facebook. I sent him a private message, thanking him for his service. He wrote back quickly; I will paste below.
    I too was taken by Jason's charms. I honestly believed him when he said he was on tour #4. Hell, he even promised that if he met my son over there, he'd “have his six”. When I asked him for his APO so I could send a care package, suddenly he was on his way back stateside, so not needed. Then after he “got back” to NH, he messaged me, telling me that he had lost everything, some woman went psycho-bitch on him and threw him out, locked him out.
    Well, I went out and bought a bunch of clothes and food, was going to send it to him. Then he went off the grid and when he resurfaced, his address had changed.
    Long story short–I am saddened that this man, who I defended up until recently, has fooled so many people, because the one he's hurting the most is himself.
    Laura and Mariah, I feel badly for you as well. I can't imagine what kind of hell you went through on a daily basis. My thoughts are with you.
    While others hide behind the anonymity of the internet, I am not afraid to speak out and be identified. Since this has been brought out to the light of day, I have started a Facebook page, Military Imposters Awareness, to educate and raise awareness for everyone of what the signs are, and to help protect the REAL heroes who have honorably served, some having made the ultimate sacrifice.
    As a proud mom of 2 soldiers (one medically retired), I would tear apart anyone I find stealing their identity and using that to profit from others. It's just very sad. I gave Jason the opportunity to come clean with me privately, but he chose not to. Some people choose a very rocky climb on their life's path. Jason D. Conley appears to be one of those souls.

  44. laura smith says:

    Laura, I have an address for you.


  45. Poser Hunter says:

    Failing a piss test then claiming to be deployed to a combat zone a few times is him wanting to get back at the system, there is nothing okay about that. It is totally disturbed, not just a bad choice on his part!

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