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11/03/2012 by militaryphonies

Claiming that this is him in Pamana

Felony conviction for check fraud 

                        More felony convictions for check fraud & a Misdemeanor for check deception

Two more convictions for check deception, one felony & one misdemeanor 


Claiming to be retired from the US Navy

Claiming to have taken this photo on Sep11.2001 @ Ground Zero

Claims to use this VA Medical Center ( Not eligible for VA Medical benefits )  

Claiming 29 years, 2 years on the Delayed Entry Program & 27 years on Active Duty. Claiming of being wounded by an IED in Kandahar Afghanistan in 2005 

Spent a total of 32 days @ Navy Training Center before being discharged 

Claiming of being aboard the USS Independence during Operation Urgent Fury

Claiming that the VA botched a surgery & that he gets 10% disability from them. 

Claims of receiving a reward for turning a Marine Embellish-er in to the VA. Claims of being injured from an IED blast in Kandahar Afghanistan in 2005 and is confined to a wheel chair now 

More felony convictions for check fraud. These are from the nineties . 

One thought on “Anthony Poole Retired disabled Sailor POSER Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    He is a con artist. Do not trust him at all for anything! He took money from me, claiming he was in desperate need, then never repaid it. Then he stalked me. Very awful man! And he is NOT disabled, is not confined to a wheelchair, does have the use of both arms great. Is not blind from what I can tell. He is a pathological liar and cannot be trusted. He can be very dangerous. He is the worst person I have met in my entire life! He is horrible!

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