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06/10/2012 by militaryphonies

Updated 01JUL16

Operating a “Go Fund Me” account: https://www.gofundme.com/295xb4s

It appears that Dallas Wittgenfeld and Bernath are using this effort to capture the IP address and personal information of people who visit the widowmarypschantag.is  site.

Speculation on our part, but we are guessing that people who give them enough information to have their pictures and personal postings exposed will probably find their personal posting on one of their other sites and or pages.

Using the effort to find the remains of an honorable lost veteran as a means to a discovery process for their personal reasons is despicable.  Wittgenfeld did serve in
Vietnam, he was wounded, it saddens us that he would allow the personal dysfunction of someone else to influence him to dishonor an effort to find a lost legit veteran.

As of this writing we have no reason to believe the overall effort to find James Michael Ray is anything but an honorable effort.  However Wittenfeld’s effort to raise money regarding this matter is surrounded by conflict and controversy.  We do not endorse or support his particular effort.

The following link can be used to report your individual concerns.


Using the death of a fallen brother for any surreptitious cause is repugnant.

We do not endorse this particular funding effort,  we would certainly hope anyone interested do all they can to locate and bring home this fallen hero.


We just encourage people to do it through some other means.




Thunder Chicken sighting Feb 2015


Dallas Wittgenfeld.

His MOS is Radio Telephone Operator

He is airborne qualified

He did go to Drill Instructor School

He was awarded a CIB

He left the service as a E-5 Sgt

He was assigned to a LRRP unit

That LRRP unit was reclassified to be a Ranger Unit

He was awarded two Purple Hearts

Repeatedly proclaims he is a Vietnam Veteran and twice wounded (Which he is)

Never was infantry

Never was Special Forces trained or assigned

Never attended Ranger School

Never shown that he charges to conduct demo jumps

Never authorized to wear the Blue Infantry Cord or disks

Never shown he profits from his claims

Wears unauthorized items on a Army green uniform (Costume)

Claims he is a Airborne Ranger, he is Airborne and was assigned to a Ranger unit but he is not a school trained Airborne Ranger. Misleading statement

Claims he was in the Special Forces, he never was

Claims he sky dived in Vietnam to amuse the orphans in 1969 dressed as a clown

Was notified by the his Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter Commander that the uniform he was wearing was improper. The Commander has no authority to enforce any dress code. He can advise the uniform is improper but can’t make Dallas comply

‎”Ode to an aging lawn dart” by ECPetterson

I’m a Shit talking bank book, of ass kicking checks!!

I’m Dallas the Ranger (?), and simply the BEST!

What I loose in the translation, I make up with heckling,
I’m a super troop fibber, when no one is checking,

If I can’t see the play, I make up my own,
I’m Hot with the ladies, try to slip them a bone.

I’m Dilly Dallas Wittgenfeld, that Ariel, Acrobat, Clown.
I’m sure you must know me, I’ve jumped in your town,
About Dallas the patriot parachuting clown.

Sit down a while, and let me expound, on all of my exploits,
and how I’m renown. How I secretly won the War in South Asia,
and sired some kids, we call “Amer-asian”.

In that ramshackle land called Vietnam ,
I Dallas “W” kicked ass on the CONG.

Sure my records are weak, don’t properly show,
all the damage and carnage, and Hell I bestowed.

OLD ” LRRP 41″ , a legend and Hero,
all the rest of you fuckers are nothing but ZEROS.


Claiming 101st Airborne L.R.R.P. 

Oef Veteran

Prior to my comments on our other page about backing away from DW but keeping him on the radar I began investigating this RTAVF-SLS and came across a gentleman who had posted on a page that he had served in this very unit. The page was a Vietnam Veterans page where they come to find old buddies and reminisce about the old days and those lost. Anyway I sent this gentleman an E-Mail to find out what this RTAVF-SLS was and what follows is his reply…

“I was with the RTAVF-SLS from about March of 68 to November 68. I was on the original 18 man team that was put together in Viet Nam. We were sent to Northern Thailand for 2 months to train with the Black Panther Division of the Royal Thai Army. The official name of our team was the Royal Thai Army Volunteer Force – Special Liaison Section. Our job was to coordinate support actions with the Thai Army, things like artillery support, aerial support, medical evac., etc. When we were first pulled together as a team at Long Binh Post, I don’t think any of us knew really what we were in for. If I remember correctly, the team consisted of a Lt Col. as the team leader, 7 other officers and 10 enlisted personnel. I was an E-4 at the time and had radio qualifications so I think that is why I was picked along with 3 other E-4′s who also were radio qualified. After the training period in Thailand, we brought the Division to Viet Nam via troop ships. We ended up at a 9th Infantry Division’s Basecamp, Bearcat. The 9th was being relocated further north if I recall correctly. The area was supposed to be relatively quiet as far as enemy activity was concerned and that was the reason the Thai’s were deployed there. It gave II Field Force Command the ability to move the 9th into areas where they could be more effective. My routine consisted of spending several days at one of two Firebases (artillery outposts) that the Thai’s were in charge of and then back to Basecamp for a few days and then out again. The Firebases were positioned in such a way as to provide fire support for the main Basecamp should it come under attack. They also provided artillery support for actions that were in their range. You have to remember that for the most part, our team was comprised of young guys (19 – 25) with the exception of the senior officers (who basically stayed in Basecamp). Which is to say, we didn’t have a clue. The basic role we played was to be the go-between with other Allied troops who were in our area so as to help the Thai’s coordinate actions with or to directly handle communications with US troops for support of the Thai’s.

As for the person you mentioned in your email, Dallas Wittgenfeld, he was not on our original team but may have been after I left in Nov of 68. The Black Panther Division did not stay in Viet Nam for an extended period of time as there were some problems with overall support of their actions by the US Gov’t. The Thais were getting all of their equipment from us and it was costing much more than I think was planned for. I think the Thai Army pulled out in 1969 but am not sure. As to the claims that Wittgenfeld lead Thai troops, I can safely say that is not correct. The Liaison Team was not there to provide any leadership roles of any kind. I can tell you that I (and other team members) did participate in patrol activities that were sent out from the Firebases, I was involved in actions when we assaulted known VC locations in villages, (twice), at the Firebases we received mortar fire many (lots) times that resulted in casualties that I had to evac out as well as handling other communications with other support activities resulting from these actions. I will tell you that on one patrol, we buried approximately 30 VC bodies in a large hole after a long engagement on a sweep action. But did we lead any of the Thai troops, absolutely not.”

The following is a shortened version of his final comments to me…

“I get ticked when someone like the guy you mentioned tries to “embellish” the service he provided (and should be proud of) for the sake of making his role something other than what it was. I’ll get off my soap box now.

Claiming to have hacked into a computer @ the VA 

The dd-214 that Dallas provided 

Purple Heart award letter that Dallas provided 

Costume number 1

Costume number 2

FOIA release

2-1 service record release 

Boot photo 

Claiming 100% Combat Disability

Racist remarks 

Claiming life member of the SFA & charter life member of the MOPH

We did have him as an Associate member A-2119. He joined in 1997 and has been long inactive. Another member with questionable credentials. There is nothing attached to his application (we now require documentation) and all he lists is:

75th Abn Rangers Co D RVN Sep 69 to Feb 70

11th SF Reserves Lima, Ohio (compasionate leave) Feb 70 to Apr 70

Royal Thailand Army Rangers RVN (Advisor) Apr 70 to Sep 70

Those are his descriptions verbatim. He would not have been admitted today.

Cliff Newman

Administrative Director

Special Forces Association

Claiming of leading Thai Soldiers into battle 

Claiming 11B – 2P as a secondary MOS

Dallas Wittgenfelds shadow box 

Claims retirement on a four year enlistment

Claiming Special Forces Paratrooper 

Arrested for operating an aircraft while intoxicated 

Sun. July 21,1973. Claims of jumping dressed as a clown for the Vietnamese orphans while stationed in RVN. 

Bronze Star Claim

Wed., April 26,1976. Claims skydiving for Vietnamese orphans,Claims Bronze Star. Claims of being wounded before the RTAVF . 

Claims Bronze Star with Valor

Mugshot  http://florida.arrests.org/Arrests/Dallas_Wittgenfeld_13258593/

This Ain’t Hell Blogs: 


18OCT14 –  The Rdiculist of the Year Award

Old Military Phonies Entry:

10 thoughts on “Dallas Wittgenfeld Army Embellish-er, Special Forces POSER, Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    Any one else notice that he claims to have never been to the VA but yet claims he is 100% disabled(100% mentally disabled is belivable)Then he also involkes the VA at other times as a threat .The man has problems keping his lies straight .Common for someone whos not telling the truth.

  2. Scotty H. says:

    Thank you for helping to expose this ass clown idiot on your f/b pages Doug Collett. It would really help if you posted your own Blog of Shame too. Since both of you are racist Military embellish-ers. No wonder you two are taking up for each other. I personally think that Wittgenfeld is your long lost daddy & you two reconnected on Social networking.

  3. Purple Heart says:

    Hey…? Who the hell is Doug Collett…. Are you trying to “tie me up to someone” again Scotty..? Stop IT you know I am a Merilles Mauder type lone-wolfer; dumb ass.

    Would you please give me your estranged wife's phone number..? Maybe I can arrange a roundevous during the Black Walnut Festival in your hometown of Spencer, W.Va. Rena has been following me around on the internet and sending me messages. We have been talking (writing) about you. She told me she calls your little pecker “froggy”.. How funny is that. Let's all get together and she wants “to spank you” too. That is amazing. Life is good.

    • Reb says:

      Hi asshole. Why don’t you tell everyone how you fell in love with a picture of the young Reb. Claim you know where Jimmy Ray is buried and started a FUND ME SCAM. I have every email, pictures and the other stuff you wrote or sent me.
      Dancing with a young Reb with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background and in the air while parachuting makes me sick just thinking of it. Your a phony POSUER and so full of shit, doctors made two more assholes where your useless dick used to be so all the crap would cone out.


      Your a disgrace to the Army and your family… Eat shit…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Goober….. This is the real deal LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 over…!

    I noticed you have allot of “way-way out of date information” on this shit hole blog.

    Please tell the truth…. and stop writing songs and odes to a real deal airborne ranger from non-airborne ranger Leggs.. It does not bode well on your overall mission. This blog makes you young punks Marines all look like jealous little twits of a real-deal ass kicking paratrooper sexagenarian who is still current…. and you are not…


    • Reb says:

      Your a lying piece of shit and that’s giving SHIT a bad name. Loser Posuer lying fat slob who called his wife PLUMP…ASSWIPE

  5. Scotty H. says:

    Shame on you for lying ShOrT BuS PaTeOL 00 , Out…!

  6. Scotty H. says:

    Still don't have the balls to comment using your real name. That spells a coward in my book.
    Also if you really did call the Sheriff's here. They would instruct you that you need to fill the complaint out with your own Police dept.
    Also not only does the Sheriff's dept. know that I hunt for Stolen Valor losers like yourself. But the State Police & Prosecuting Attorney knows also.
    So go ahead with your stupid comments. It really shows how ass hurt you are over being exposed for 40 years of deceiving the American people.
    PLEASE presume this further Dingleberry. That BSM that you claimed is one of the medals where you could do a year in prison for.Don't threaten me with the Law or the Press unless you're willing to become Bubba's bitch old man.

    The ” Elite ” Marine Grunt cometh..

    • Reb says:

      Scotty H,
      I’ve called the loser out and he won’t meet me and I’m a women. Dallassclown can dish it out, but when you go against him, he cries like the pussy he is. He threatens to COMETH, but still hasn’t left. He’s a chickenshit and I’m sure his lips are dry from sucking Bernaths tiny dick. I’ve been wrongly accused of being everyone but myself. Eat shit Dallassclown…

  7. Reb says:

    I am sick to death of the Assclowns bullshit. On his widow blog that nobody reads, he’s outted me as 91 separate INNOCENT people, especially after I pulled the biggest SCAM against him!
    I contacted the clown and said TAH and this blog are nothing but liars in Feb 16. I played him until the Shipleys won in court.
    All his lies in emails, pictures and then the dumbass fell in love with a picture of me back in the day. Friends from TAH posted about my name being used on the widow and Fund Me scam. I couldn’t reply, but kept several people updated to his crap by screenshots. I couldn’t forward the emails just in case I accidentally answered with a forward to the friend. Assclown had to think I switched sides.
    His emails were sick with Snuggles, Where are you Reb? I need you babe, All my women friends become lovers..EWWW! I even sent the dumbshit emails from my non existing son and he wanted Tyler to call him THUNDER…
    both him and Bernath are pathetic losers who have accomplished absolutely nothing in their lives.
    I however have used blood sweat and tears to get to where I am today. I’m on rung 13 she their on the first rung of a ladder and that’s where they’ll stay. I’m thrilled to say that my buddy PROUD INFIDEL talked our friend Grog into teaching me to fly a helicopter, the next step up the ladder I climb. DALLASSCLOWN AND BERNASTY DISBARRED CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY EAT SHIT AND WATCH OUT FOR COCONUTS and tiny video cameras….pussies

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