1. Richard R Patey, Fake SEAL


    06/26/2017 by tangomike147

    Richard comes to us from Jamaica. We believe he lives in Jacksonville, FL but he claims Jamaica on his Facebook …
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  2. Almon Henthorne, US Marine, Force Recon, Combat Wounded, Blog of Shame (UPDATE)


    06/18/2017 by militaryphonies

    Almon Henthorne from Orlando Florida appears to make claims that he is a highly decorated combat wounded Marine from the …
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    06/14/2017 by hombrerana1221

    Jeffrey B. Muise hails from Gloucester, MA, Military Phonies was informed about Jeff’s claims around town of being a U.S. …
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  4. Royal Eugene Lovejoy Jr, Fake SEAL Senior Chief, Fake Navy Pilot, Fake Master Diver, Fake Vietnam Veteran


    06/13/2017 by tangomike147

    Some people out of the great state of Texas sent us some very interesting wedding photos lately. They seem to …
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  5. Paul Eugene Simono – Fake Navy SEAL


    06/12/2017 by hombrerana1221

    Paul Eugene Simono comes to us from Johnstown CO.  Military Phonies recently became aware of Paul stating he was a …
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  6. Chris M. Ford the ‘Secret Military Police’ phony


    06/05/2017 by militaryphonies

    Where to start with this one? Chris Ford popped up on our radar sometime ago when folks started asking about …
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  7. Kaneya Souvannasing, US Army Special Forces, Blog of Shame


    06/04/2017 by militaryphonies

    Suspect Name: Kaneya Souvannasing Date of Birth or Age: 34 Spouse Name: Address or Location:  Somersworth NH 03878-3102 Military Claims …
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