It’s Stolen and I Know It !

Stolen Valor Song !

Hitler Tries to Undermine TAH using Posers

6 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Dennis Castellano says:

    Please contact me if you run this site.

  2. Somebody says:

    Some hateful and disgraceful person made up fake profiles on Facebook and Twitter to ruin Michael Thomas Hockensmith reputation as a Navy Veteran,Michael Thomas Hockensmith served our Great Nation with the Greatest respect and Honor,Michael Thomas Hockensmith is never said he received a purple heart and never said he was wounded in the war,somebody hateful and disgraceful wrote those fake things about Michael Thomas Hockensmith to make Mr.Hockensmith look terrible bad,I ask that all this false things about Michael Thomas Hockensmith be removed from this sight,thanks.

  3. Some real others really fuck up the game

  4. Kimberly Deal says:

    How can you find out if someone actually served in the military?

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