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Verlon Clinton James (Sr) comes to us from Toledo, Ohio. James is 66 years old at the time of this writing – March 2023.

Verlon James

On James’ Twitter account, he claims that he was in the Navy from 1974-1994, retired, and served as a U.S. Navy SEAL. 

Besides a ball cap logo of a Vietnam Veteran, there is a U.S. Navy SEAL Trident on the side of his cap.

Then, another ball cap states Iraq veteran, also having a U.S. Navy SEAL Trident on the side of this cap.

And yet another U.S. Navy SEAL Trident on another hat…

Then, another cap has an even larger SEAL Trident on it…

Somebody talked to him in a Facebook PM and asked him more. James said he was in from 1974-1994 with SEAL Team 5, and became an officer.

A news station did a story about a charity that had funds stolen from them. In the story, James has been interviewed but later, when questions arose in regard to his military claims, they pulled back on the story.

. . . . .


After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of “Verlon Clinton James” or any other variation of his name ever completing BUD/S Training or assigned to any SEAL teams.

Verlon James’ military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Due to his age and claim of service dates, we filed with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) which would maintain records from the Vietnam era. They would also pick up any military service should James have served in another branch beside the Navy.

. . . . .



FOIA Results – NPRC – Verlon James – Summary Sheet


James was discovered as a freshman in the Libbey High School yearbook in 1972.

He often posts a photo of himself, claiming it was from Navy Boot Camp in 1974. We have no reason to doubt that claim, but it would have been hard to go to Vietnam when things were winding down there.

Then, there is a photo in the ‘Commissarymen’ section of the 1975 USS Halsey (DLG-23/CG-23) cruise book. Here, a photo shows SN James operating a meat slicer.

It would be hard to be a SEAL in Vietnam in 1975 while serving as a Commissaryman on board the USS Halsey.

Here’s an article in 2002 where James talks about registering as a sex offender.

James is quoted in the article…

“Convicted of sexually assaulting two women in 1984 and 1986, Verlon James doesn’t argue that he should be on Lucas County’s sex offender registry.

“If I had a predator next door to me, I’d want to know,” he said. “I’m a sex offender. I don’t lie. I don’t glorify it. I don’t try to sugarcoat it.”

But, he said, “my kids have been badgered and harassed: `Your dad’s a rapist.’”

He claims to have been a Navy SEAL during this time but being a sexual predator would not be compatible with serving as a Navy SEAL.

Then, there is this article in 2010, where he was being looked for as a sexual predator.

James was part of a national sex offender registry database…

. . . . .



There is no record of Verlon James graduating BUD/S-SEAL training and no record of him serving with a SEAL Team.


There were no claims of rank to confirm.


James claimed that he served from 1974-1994 and retired from the Navy. His military service record does not support that claim.


James’ record does not support his claim of serving in Vietnam or Iraq.


The only award that James has is a National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) which is given to most people out of boot camp.


If Verlon James has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

. . . . .


. . . . .






10 thoughts on “Verlon C. James (Sr) – U.S. Navy SEAL, Vietnam Vet, Navy Retired, Blog of Shame

  1. Why not just be honest and say you didn’t have much of a career? I didn’t do much. But I also know that you can help your community at a smaller level and be the kind of people the world needs.

    Also, work harder to be not looked as a pariah, but as a reformed person. I’m not a fan of sex offenders, but I also tell people that you have to serve your time, then do your best to join back in the community. Rehab is a process.

  2. KoB says:

    “…’Your dad’s a rapist.’” He’s also a lying, embellishing POS. The hot air he has been spewing must be a contributor to Globull Warming. “How dare you!” The pics show him to be a meat slicer. They also show him to be a meat gazer. Get ready for your Google Fame, Verlon Clinton James Sr., the inherwebz are forever. Not surprised you’re a lying sack of sh*t, you got the right middle name for it.

  3. Skivvy Stacker says:

    Yep. That is a Navy Boot Camp graduation photo from 1974. The Navy tried to phase out the Cracker Jacks for a more “Yachting Captain” look. The result was a huge drop in enlistments. Also, that hair cut is in line with their relaxed standards of the time.
    As for being a Vietnam Vet….well, if he’s 66 that means he graduated high school in 1974 or ’75. I’m 65 and didn’t get anywhere NEAR the RVN. We didn’t have any combat troops in Vietnam at the time, and Saigon fell to the Commies in 1975, so he couldn’t have been there long, even if he was in a security detail.
    I wish people would read a history book from time to time….

  4. Hatchet says:

    I see… So this is just another I-Served-My-Country-but-Fuct-Up-After-I-Gots-Out-And-Gots-My-Dumb-Ass-Thrown-in-Jail-for-RAPE-Ex-Navy-SEAL-story? In that case, I wish you well, Verlon Clinton James Sr.. I wish you entirely well IN HELL – as in This Ain’t Hell But You Can See It From Here.. No worries VERLON, you may have forgotten ALL about ‘Duty, Honour and Country’ but the internet NEVER forgets and neither does TAH. READ & HEED – RELENT and REPENT – get rid of ALL your eBay-bought SEAL baubles and trinkets – publicly renounce ALL your *FAKE* SEAL BS – AND NEVER DO ANY OF IT AGAIN… Meat Slicer? BIG MIDDLE FINGER, Verlon ’cause you barely measure up to the WURST…

    • Skivvy Stacker says:

      We have to come up with a better scenario for these poor bastard.
      I mean, this one is getting stale.

  5. […] folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on Verlon James, who claims to have been a Navy SEAL, served in Vietnam and […]

  6. Tony orifici says:

    I’m a Vietnam Vet. In Country from July 67- Nov.68. Got there 3 months after my 18th birthday in March. Joined the Army with parents signature in August of 66. I just turned 74. I’m half deaf, blown out left knee, Agent Orange infected with Lung problems and a heart condition, hypertension, and receive 60% disability. I was a Doorgunner. Now this guy is 66,born in 1957, claims he was a SEAL, a Vietnam Vet and looks to be in fine shape. I’ll just leave it there…I have no words to waste on this piece of shit moron who obviously can’t even count.

  7. Walle, A. says:

    I know someone who’s claimed to be a Desert Storm vet, why is a good question, he’s actually told other Desert Storm veterans that; they probably believe him but I hope they don’t. I can’t rightly call-out an old friend though–you shouldn’t–but prior to my discovery, he was one of the fellas and that was about all–an excellent drinking buddy; I thought well of him before but being as I broke no new ground myself at least I was actually there–that always helps. I had to do shit like lead people and hated it–photos easily prove someone was missing. Now he’s gone and ruined it–what I thought of him before–with stories; now there’s no telling if he’s telling the truth about anything else–I never considered him dishonest or one of those types before so why is he fudging the truth now? He EAS’d (with probably an Honorable or I would have remembered otherwise–we all remember those) before we went to what was nowhere a real war–one we didn’t see coming, either, that he probably watched on CNN like the rest of the world; he could have re-upped and joined us, I thought about that later, it would have been cool if he got back with the fellas on a sorry LST doing nothing for no one, we essentially did nothing, but he didn’t do that, either–with all the hoopla and excitement they would have probably let him back in easy, maybe, but maybe he was engaging the enemy in CA with no attachments, fire support or approval from Congress and the DOD aw

  8. Greg Taylor says:

    Obviously this POS is slicing baloney in the meat slicer.

  9. PRCS (Ret.) says:

    Also, went to “Boilerman” school (BT, I suppose) apparently, but booted as an SA. Must have dick-stepped there, too.

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