David Alfred Jameson, Fake SEAL


03/11/2018 by tangomike147

David comes to us from Rhode Island. It seems he was Veteran of the Year for Newport Elks Lodge 104.


Let’s get a closer look at all those awards. It seems he has the Navy SEAL Trident on his uniform.


We took a look around the internet and found his reconnect page. He claims SEAL Team Four and the USS Atlanta, SSN 712.


Here is the write up from the Elks that also says he is a Navy SEAL.


One of his Facebook posts.


A picture from his Navy days.


He posts that he was with Special Operations.


David was asked about his claims. I tried to contact him personally like he asked but he refused to talk to me. He has his records and so do I.


This is where it got heated. He claimed Tom Marquis as his swim buddy in class 121. BMC(SEAL) Ret. Thomas Marquis passed away in 2011 as a well respected Frogman in the SEAL community.


He even had someone claiming to be his 1st Sgt. come on the thread and vouch for him. He finished the conversation saying he didn’t look at the records but the Commander pulled up his records and said he was a SEAL. I can’t be the only one wanting to see what the Commander found in those records.




We had already checked the SEAL Archives before we asked him about it. If we ask you about it people should know we already have the right answer. We sent out a Freedom of Information Act request to get the records he said he would show us but never did.




David Jameson did serve in the United States Navy. He went to schools for submarine duty and served on the USS Atlanta, SSN 712. Jameson did not go to BUD/S or earn a Trident. He did not serve at SEAL Team Four. I still would like to know what Davids Commander saw in his records to make him believe David was a SEAL. I would hope that Stolen Valor is enough to get that Veteran of the year award revoked.




22 thoughts on “David Alfred Jameson, Fake SEAL

  1. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Elks lodge is now aware…

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  2. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, David Alfred Jameson who was honored by Elks Lodge #104 in […]


  3. Window Licker says:

    Hmmm, being that Tommy M (RIP) as a no nonsense kind of guy, would have knocked that douche stain out as even stand next to him. How dare he use a dead frogs name in his illusions and lies, and a legendary one at that. These guys always use old Navy stock photos of groups of toad dudes and claim “yea I’m the one in the back….”. There is a clearly identifiable noteworthy frog on that bow plain launch though…

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  4. Claymore says:

    That “A Battery 1/103rd Field Artillery” is a Rhode Island Army Guard Unit.. So I suppose the Army Class A’s with E – 6 stripes is legit for a SEAL..

    What 1st Sgt. writes “1sg”..? Bein’ Army, one of you Navy guys tell me if there is a Navy 1 Sgt… I would have let it slide with one “1sg”, but three, me thinks who ever this shit for brains is, he’s either Jameson, himself, or some retard he thought he could rely on..

    I do know what shit smells like, and that aroma is all over this.. Good work L’il Brother.. … ..Claymore

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  5. Dan Johnson says:

    1973 (18 YO) Graduates HS
    1977 (22 YO) Graduates at ASU
    1981 (26 YO) Joins Navy
    1987 (32 YO) Discharge from Navy
    1990 (35 YO) Graduates GT
    1999 (44 YO) Joins 1/103rd FA
    2003 (48 YO) 1st Iraq Tour
    2007 (52 YO) 2nd Iraq Tour
    2011 (56 YO) ARNG Discharge

    I find it HIGHLY suspect that the RIARNG (or A/1/103rd FA may have been part of the PAARNG during his *Iraq* time) would have enlisted a 44 YO former sailor, realizing that they would need to send him through AIT (as the Army has no MOS for submariners).

    Does he have another FB page? The picture you show isn’t associated with the FB link provided.

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    • tangomike147 says:

      His Facebook was scrubbed when he was called out

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      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        They always open a new one after shit dies down with just the letter instead of the whole first or middle name…assholes need the “you a bad ass back slaps”


      • Dan Johnson says:

        I mobilized with the 1/103rd Armor in NOV 2004, PAARNG. I don’t recall how much arty batteries their BN came with, but I do know that that AR BN demob’d in OCT 2005. So, I’m curious to know which BDE the 1/103rd FA served with from 2003-2005, and which AO they were in.

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  6. William Shultz says:

    I am not defending this scum bag, but when I was in the Army, (I retired in 1979) the authorized abbreviation for a First Sergeant was 1SG. It is still that way on my retired ID Card and is what I use on the rare occasion when I am asked what my rank was in the military. I would however never write it as 1sg, Always with all caps. !SG. This gentleman is a total POS and about as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

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  7. Mark L says:

    And once again…..AGAIN!! we have a man who served honorably, in one HELL of a fine MOS, in a place that not many people (let alone Sailors) would want to serve–a sealed tube that spends most of it’s time under water!
    And he has to fuck that up with SEAL claims.
    God help us.

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  8. Newts says:

    Hello, I’m an Australian, I served in the Australian army. So forgive me if I’m incorrect but isn’t this guy wearing an army uniform with the trident in the top picture? (Green uniform). Don’t sailors wear blue with bell bottoms and neckerchiefs? I apologize if neckerchiefs isn’t the correct word. Even I would be suspicious if I saw a trident on an army uniform.
    Keep up the good work Boys. And if you want a good laugh. Check out our wannabes at (Australian and New Zealand Military imposters ) website

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    • tangomike147 says:

      There are SEALs that have gone into the Army to fly helicopters and enter medical fields. Some SEALs have left the Navy and joined the Army National Guard in their state. They are allowed to wear the Trident on their Army uniform.

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    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Thanks for the website😂 I guess nuts are worldwide


  9. Paul M Pivirotto says:

    I retired from ST 4 in 1992 as MCPO and was there from ’87, and I can’t remember this guy

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