John Garofalo – Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Combat Veteran, Fake Vietnam Veteran and Fake Purple Heart Recipient


11/08/2017 by hombrerana1221

John Garofalo comes to us from Bohemia, NY.  Many of you might have already heard of John as a premiere glass artisan .  He is known for making some amazing art out of medal and glass for President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush.  He decided to make a hand carved bronze and glass Presidential Seal for President Trump.  Fox News Channel (FNC) did a story on John.  The video of the interview is below:



At the 1:11 mark it shows the “Decorated War Heros” metals to include a Purple Heart that looks to contain 2 gold stars.  Then they state the he served 7 years as part of the first Navy SEAL Teams with over 22 commendations and the 2 Purple Hearts.

At the 1:34 mark the interviewer calls him a hero, but John had some amazing acting skills that we believe Al Pacino would be impressed with those tears as he speaks about the ones that didn’t come home.

At the 2:05 mark the reporter stated that John was listed as MIA twice in Vietnam.  Serious?  Then he’s a 7th degree black belt (we think JC Penny’s).


The SEAL community immediately contacted the FNC to let them know that John was never a SEAL.  It took a few days but FNC retracted the story, see below:


If you look at the screens shoots below they show his medals and you can see part of a Trident.



This isn’t the first time John has lied, there are stories that go back numerous years.

Looks like they are honoring SEALs back in 2014




Hanging with Dee Snider in 2015. way to sport the Trident on the vest.




He was interviewed back in 2014 “a Navy Seal Bud-S class one graduate”




Since we already knew he was NOT a SEAL we ordered his records through FOIA for historical preservation.




Based on John’s summary sheet, he did just 4 years of active service.  John was discharged as an E-4, ABH3.  No Purple Hearts, no 22 commendations, only the National Defense Service Medal.  No Vietnam, No BUD/S, and no UDT/SEAL Team.  John will now live with the fact that he is an amazing story teller, disrespecting Vietnam Veterans, Purple Heart Recipients and all members of the UDT/SEAL Teams.   





4 thoughts on “John Garofalo – Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Combat Veteran, Fake Vietnam Veteran and Fake Purple Heart Recipient

  1. […] our partners at Military Phonies went and got his records from the National Personnel Records Center to document his claims that he […]


  2. Michael L Maynard says:

    Four years active duty and he didn’t even rate a GCM?


  3. Adam Webber says:

    He’s a BAMF! 😉


  4. Any idea where he got the medals shown in the Fox News Interview?


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