Megan Morse, IAVA and ‎Paul Rieckhoff…yet again.


03/22/2017 by militaryphonies

I thought about doing some kind of rather verbose Rachel Maddow style article on the most recent sighting of Megan Morse at an IAVA event.  Reason and compassion for those who read this blog moved me to be succinct.  Here are a couple of pictures taken just the other day.

Yep, that would be Megan Morse or whatever name she is using these days.  She likes to change the names she uses for her Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Its not really all that hard to find someone on this interwebnet thingy.

It seems Megan has a Service Doggy these days, probably because she caught the PTSD a while back.  We first noticed her need for the puppy back in 2015 and posted about it HERE.  What the hell, I will throw in the pic just to refresh your memory.

Paul Rieckhoff of the IAVA seems to be fine with this Valor Vulture lurking in his midst. If you are unfamiliar with the antics of Ms Morse prepare yourself before you witness one of the most despicable acts of embellishment you will ever see.

Her original Blog of Shame was posted back in 2013 HERE.   She was representing a Congressman and spoke at a veterans function.  The claims found in the video are as follows:

8 years in the Marine Corps
Operation Enduring Freedom
CH46E Crew Chief
CH46E Mechanic
Aerial Observer
Aerial gunner
Combat Veteran
50% Combat Disabled Veteran
2 Helicopter Crashs
Antipersonnel Mine in Hum V Attack
Years of physical therapy
Would never have children because of injuries
Would be able to walk but never run because of injuries
Suffered a broken back
Only woman to serve in combat with 5th Marines?
Mixed Martial Arts Training with 2/11
Pulled the cord (lanyard I assume) on howitzer and suffered 2 bruised ribs and a broken wrist.

Of course her official records disagree with most of her claims. If you read the comments from the original post, so do many of the people who knew her and served with her.  If that isn’t enough, her own family member commented saying she is a disgrace to the family.

To date, Megan Morse has never made a  public apology for her outrageous lies. That does not matter to IAVA or Paul Rieckhoff, well not enough anyway.  Megan is missing from the pictures of the hearing they posted online HERE.

That makes us believe that Rieckhoff and the IAVA is aware that there is a Valor Vulture in their midst.  One would think an organization representing veterans, particularly women veterans, would demand Megan Morse make a public apology for her lies.

Integrity seems to be something Megan Morse, Paul Rieckhoff and the IAVA appear to have problems with.


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2 thoughts on “Megan Morse, IAVA and ‎Paul Rieckhoff…yet again.

  1. Major Ben newton USMCR(Ret) says:

    How can I join your group?

  2. RCAF_Chairborne says:

    She would make a wonderful Morale Upkeep Tech(069)
    I suppose having a dog around to lap up the ‘leakage’ is more convenient than lugging around a Drip Tray 😉

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