Shane Marks , US Marine , Force Recon , POSer , Blog of Shame


03/31/2015 by militaryphonies


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awards_claimed: The claims being made are that he was/is Force Recon, honorably discharged (actually received a BCD), and that he is still on active duty. Numerous other claims on social networking sites.


dd-214 shows that he served 3 years and one month as an 0811 Field Artillery Batteryman. He was discharged as a Pvt ( E-1 )


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4 thoughts on “Shane Marks , US Marine , Force Recon , POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. […] Scotty sends us a link to his latest pretender, Shane Marks, whose Facebook page and LinkedIn profile have mysteriously changed from claiming USMC special operations to no mention of his USMC service; […]


  2. Paul Hilton says:

    He’s a disgrace to my Corp….


  3. Ben says:

    Sad little piece of used dog food.

    Ben Drake SSGT USMC 100% combat disabled VN
    5th Force Recon, 3rd Bn. Recon, 0369

    Yes, I can prove it.

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  4. Joey says:

    Why is always the ones with the stories and bragging are the phonies. I was out with friends when this person was talking about USMC. He had mentioned something about his pay check. I asked him where his pay came from. He said the Department of the USMC. I have him the benefit of dout, and it just for more stupid. I informed him that it came from the Department of USN. WAIST OF TIME.


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