Samarra " Cohen " Saunders , U.S. Marine POSER, Blog of Shame


04/23/2014 by militaryphonies

 FaceBook Account # 1 ;

Claiming 0151 Adminstrative Clerk 

Face Book Account # 2 ;

HQMC does not have a record of her ever serving ! 
This Ain’t Hell Blog ;

3 thoughts on “Samarra " Cohen " Saunders , U.S. Marine POSER, Blog of Shame

  1. e cook says:

    Well guess who the liar is, you Ms. Saunders attacked my character and swore I was a liar. Karma is a bitch and her name is Elizabeth!

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  2. Nat Copeland says:

    Great Job Elizabeth! You are totally RIGHT AGAIN! Stick with the facts as a true Marine and you will never go wrong!

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  3. madison says:



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