"TIMOTHY JOHN" Keune , aka, Kip Keune‏ , U.S. Air Force , Combat Wounded , Special Forces , POSer, Blog of Shame


04/13/2014 by militaryphonies

Claiming Combat Wounded 2 times. And being a member of Special Forces.

Linkedin Account ; https://www.linkedin.com/pub/kip-keune/a/3a2/747

TACTICAL LINGUIST CONCEPTS ; http://www.salespider.com/b-112525486/tactical-linguist-concepts

His company (Tactical Linguist Concepts LLC) has been awarded numerous contracts by Naval SW based on his “claims”.

SuperCross.com http://supercross.com/womens-moto-x-at-x-games-bang-bang/


-59th Fighter Squadron Parachute Instructor? WTF

He has removed a lot of posts out there but has made claims of fighting in Libya among other places. He has been at this for years and has never been prosecuted, Just semi-shunned from the TACP community.
slice.seriouseats.com ; http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2004/02/pizza-detente.html?ref=excerpt_readmore

-He was never a Special Forces warrior,.He has been called out numerous times regarding his lies and wearing badges that he never earned and making false claims.  

dailypress.com ; 

-He was NEVER injured via IED or anything – all lies…

findCE.com ; http://www.findce.com/showmsg.asp?SID=1&fid=88&mid=172&tid=38&style=1
He has never been wounded in Combat. 
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No Purple Heart Listed ! 

2 thoughts on “"TIMOTHY JOHN" Keune , aka, Kip Keune‏ , U.S. Air Force , Combat Wounded , Special Forces , POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. This cat from eglin afb/fort Walton beach area?

  2. Tyler Durdin says:

    I met Keune in Iraq when we both worked for Titan. He claimed right off he was “Special Forces” alluding that he was US Army Special Forces. I was a former 18 and when speaking to him about SF, things didn't sound right. I pinned him down and he admitted to being USAF “Special Forces”. Even so, I took what he said with a big grain of salt. I recall he posting some place that he was in Libya when Reagan bombed Qaddafi and his creds seemed waaaaaaay too embellished. I just stumbled across this site. ABOUT TIME THE TRUTH CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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