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02/23/2014 by militaryphonies

Law Firm Bio ;
Christopher Wayne Wadsworth, P.O. Box 1634, West Palm Beach, suspended from practicing law in
Florida for six months, effective 30 days following a July 8 court order. Wadsworth committed several
unlawful acts while serving in the U.S. Navy. He made a false official statement, prepared and presented
false documents, forged signatures to Navy documents and engaged in an unauthorized leave of absence
from his unit. He was the subject of a special court-martial proceeding which resulted in the reduction of
rank, confinement for 75 days, forfeiture of monthly pay for three months and a bad conduct discharge from
the U.S. Navy. Florida Bar rules prohibit attorneys from committing criminal acts and engaging in
dishonest, fraudulent and deceitful conduct.

WarCom does not show that Christopher W. Wadsworth ever attended BUD/S at any time. He isn’t even a bell ringer . 

SMSR ; SIGNALMAN SEAMAN RECRUIT ( E-1 ) 1 year, 8 months, 1 day .

I do NOT find a listing in the SEAL Database (end of WWII to the Present Day) for anyone named
CHRISTOPHER WADSORTH. I have also examined numerous possible alternate spellings, and
names with similar pronunciations (“Wadesworth”, “Waddsworth”, “Wodsworth”, “Woadswurth”, etc)
without finding any that appear to be applicable. There is no listing in the SEAL Database for anyone with a
name beginning with the first four alphabetic characters “WADS…”
Unless he has undertaken the unlikely action of a legal name change (an action for which there would be
evidence in the form of court documentation) since his claimed attendance at BUD/S training, and based
upon the information you have provided, I can state conclusively that CHRISTOPHER WADSWORTH
has NEVER COMPLETED SEAL training, and he is not now, nor was he ever a Navy SEAL or a
Navy UDT “Frogman”.
Steve Robinson RM2(SEAL)
USN 1970-1978|SEAL Team ONE
Inshore Undersea Warfare Group ONE
Defense Analyst – Soviet Threat specialization 1981-1993
UDT-SEAL Association – Member
POW Network Board of Directors
Naval Special Warfare Archives – SOF Analyst/Contributing Journalist
Disabled American Veterans – Life Member
FORMER Special Investigator – SEAL Authentication Team – Webmaster
Author – “NO GUTS, NO GLORY – Unmasking Navy SEAL Imposters”

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